do you have a performance space, or are you planning an event or party? these are games that have been designed to play in settings like those: they're simple, fast, have a high turnover and accomodate many players.

i can help you customize these games to suit your events! email me at collectfruit at gmail dot com.

originally commissioned by giant robot for their game over/continue? show and made in collaboration with saelee oh, octopounce is a game for a revolving cast of up to four players at a time. each player is an octopus, competing to collect fish by jostling and bouncing off of the other players. controllers can pass around with no interruption of the game - if there's no one to play an octopus, she falls asleep and waits for someone to wake her up.

edit the "octopodes.cfg" file to change the controls and game options.

download for windows or mac osx.

chicanery is a game about the interactions between players that happen outside the computer screen. each player holds down a button - the last one to let go of it wins! but the game doesn't see what players do to make their opponents let go of their buttons. since this is a physical game, you may want to negotiate limits and ground rules before playing!

edit the "keys.cfg" file to change the controls. to exit the game, hold down the ESC button.

download for windows or mac osx. there's also a free iphone and ipad version.

a fifty-or-so-player game created for occupy oakland's move-in day, where it ran on a mobile arcade cabinet. two players play at a time, helping each other climb as high as possible, but when time's up each leaves a ghost of herself behind to help future players. every single player contributes to everyone's shared success!

left player uses the WASD keys, right player the arrow keys. to exit the game, press the ESC key five times.

download for windows or mac osx.

this little piggy wants to collect all the fruit in the maze. but the big bad wolf wants to collect this little piggy! an asymmetrical maze chase game with overlapping controls: either player can hit the spacebar to change the layout of the maze! between games, regardless of who wins, players swap roles.

to exit the game, press the Q, U, I and T buttons at the same time.

download for windows or mac osx.

originally assembled for the eurogamer expo's arcade, shootin' starcade collects six of my one-hour and two-hour games. the games are for one to two players and use the keyboard, mouse, or both.

press ESC to quit a game back to the menu. it'll also return to the menu if it's left untouched for a minute. to exit the starcade, press the Q, U, I and T buttons at the same time.

shootin' starcade is for windows only.

these games are the creations of anna anthropy. mac OSX ports by leon arnott