<html><span class="pagenumber">56</span></html>\nThe enemy has cut off your retreat and attacks!\n\n--Go to [[60]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">54</span></html>\nYour attack gave the monster 20 points of damage.\n\n--Go to [[45]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">42</span></html>\nHeading West takes you into the Poisonous Swamp. With every step your HP goes down. What do you do?\n\nA. Use items, go to [[31]]\nB. Use spell, go to [[43]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">48</span></html>\nYou are attacked and lose a great deal of HP. You need to return to the town and recover. Which direction do you go?\n\nA. West, go to [[6]]\nB. North, go to [[45]]\nC. South, go to [[46]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">43</span></html>\nUnfortunately, you haven't mastered the spell yet and you pass away in the bog. Alas.\n\nGame Over--Go to [[Start|START]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">60</span></html>\nAlas, you have died without completing your quest. If you return to [[Start|START]] you can try again.
<html><span class="info">DRAGON WARRIOR TEXT ADVENTURE<br>\nfrom Nintendo Power, March / April 1990<br>\n<small><small>Transcribed by anna anthropy. Typeface: Amble.</small></small></span></html>\nHave you ever wondered how decisions are made in a Role Playing Game such as Dragon Warrior? In this text adventure you'll see how your choices lead to particular results. It's the same sort of process that's at work in the computer chips of your NES -- what we call "if, then" statements. This is also a good way to learn about the strategy of Dragon Warrior and have some fun.\n\n[[Rules of the Game]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">62</span></html>\nYour attack using the Club defeats the enemy with 15 damage points. Your Level goes up to 7. Your Maximum HP is 39, MP 26.\n\n--Go to [[64]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">63</span></html>\nYou cannot use the spell because your MP is 0.\n\n--Go to [[55]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">64</span></html>\nCongratulations -- You have reached a village where people tell you to go South through the Poisoned Swamp to the town of Rimuldar. But first you should buy a Copper Sword, half plate armor and a small shield. Also stock up on Herb for the long journey.\n\nYou have succeeded in overcoming the early stages of Dragon Warrior, just as you would in the real game. Congratulations. It is a game of choices and strategy, as you can see, and the further you go into this world the more you are able to do. Items must be found and mysteries solved, but you must also continue gaining experience against the monsters of the Dragonlord.
<html><span class="pagenumber">49</span></html>\nThe Hurt spell is delivered and the enemy gets 10 damage points.\n\nA. Fight, go to [[51]]\nB. Run, go to [[48]]\nC. Spell, go to [[52]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">52</span></html>\nThe Hurt spell inflicted 8 damage points.\n\n--Go to [[45]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">53</span></html>\nWeakened from battle, you come upon a cave and, with a lit torch, enter. There a Druin attacks from the shadows. Your HP is down to 5. What do you do?\n\nA. Fight, go to [[58]]\nB. Run, go to [[56]]\nC. Spell, go to [[59]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">24</span></html>\nThe attack on the Magician leaves you with 10 points of damage from the Hurt spell and the Magician with only 3 points of damage.\n\n--Go to [[60]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">25</span></html>\nYou received 3 points of damage during the attack, but managed to run away. For protection you must use one of the items in the list.\n\nA. Torch, go to [[29]]\nB. Fairy Water, go to [[30]]\nC. Herb, go to [[31]]\nD. Dragon's Scale, go to [[32]]\nE. Wings, go to [[33]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">26</span></html>\nIn the hills a Drakee attacks!\n\nA. Fight, go to [[35]]\nB. Run, go to [[36]]\nC. Spell, go to [[43]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">27</span></html>\nGoing North you reach the ocean. Where do you go next?\n\nA. East, go to [[37]]\nB. West, go to [[28]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">20</span></html>\nA great blow! The enemy is defeated. It's time to go back to the town.\n\n--Go to [[6]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">21</span></html>\nCrossing the bridge, you see a Magician.\n\nA. Fight, go to [[24]]\nB. Run, go to [[25]]\nC. Spell, go to [[43]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">22</span></html>\nA bridge lies to the South and some hills to the North. Where do you go?\n\nA. North, go to [[26]]\nB. South, go to [[21]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">23</span></html>\nYou are inside Erdrick's Cave. With the torch lit, you discover a treasure chest. Inside is a tablet that tells of ancient deeds. It also tells you that you must find 3 special items to succeed in your quest. Where do you go from here?\n\nA. North, go to [[27]]\nB. West, go to [[26]]\nC. East, go to [[21]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">46</span></html>\nYou are in the Poisoned Swamp. What should you do?\n\nA. Continue forward, go to [[53]]\nB. Go back, go to [[45]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">47</span></html>\nThe Scorpion's attack inflicted 5 damage points while you gave it 8 damage points. What do you do now?\n\nA. Fight, go to [[54]]\nB. Run, go to [[48]]\nC. Spell, go to [[49]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">44</span></html>\nIn the eastern desert you encounter a Scorpion.\n\nA. Fight, go to [[47]]\nB. Run, go to [[48]]\nC. Spell, go to [[49]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">45</span></html>\nIn the North you see a town. You head toward it, intending to rest at the Inn and restore your strength.\n\n--Go to [[50]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">28</span></html>\nYou spot a town ahead in the distance.\n\n--Go to [[38]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">29</span></html>\nNothing happened after lighting the torch.\n\n--Go to [[34]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">40</span></html>\nYou really should go eastward.\n\n--Go to [[38]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">41</span></html>\nOnce you've crossed the bridge a Magidrakee appears, but it doesn't see you.\n\nA. Fight, go to [[17]]\nB. Run, go to [[25]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">1</span></html>\nTown of Brecconary: Buy a weapon and armor before setting out.\n\n--Head west, go to [[5]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">3</span></html>\nBefore you lies a giant lake. As you draw near a Ghost appears.\n\n--Go to [[11]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">2</span></html>\nYou are lost in a mountain cave. Suddenly a Drakee appears. What do you do?\n\nA. Fight, go to [[9]]\nB. Run, go to [[10]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">5</span></html>\nProceeding to the West, a Red Slime appears. Do you...?\n\nA. Fight, go to [[8]]\nB. Run, go to [[14]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">4</span></html>\nLooking north you see rugged, impassable mountains. Which way do you go?\n\nA. If right, go to [[12]]\nB. If left, go to [[13]]\nC. If back, go to [[7]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">7</span></html>\nBefore you waits a Slime, but it hasn't seen you. What action do you take?\n\nA. Fight, go to [[9]]\nB. Run, go to [[10]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">6</span></html>\nYou have come to the town of Brecconary. Pay 6 Gold and recover your strength at the Inn before moving on.\n\n-- Go to [[16]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">9</span></html>\nAttacking with your bare hands wasn't such a good idea. You inflicted 1 damage point while you received 5 damage points from the monster. Now what?\n\nA. Fight, go to [[18]]\nB. Run, go to [[10]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">8</span></html>\nAfter a strong attack you defear the Slime and receive 2 Experience points and 1 Gold. You set out, this time toward the...\n\nA. East, go to [[6]]\nB. South, go to [[15]]\nC. West, go to [[3]]\nD. North, go to [[16]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">51</span></html>\nYou inflicted 5 points of damage and defeated the monster, but you need to recover HP at a town.\n\n--Go to [[45]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">11</span></html>\nYou are attacked before you even see the monster.\n\nA. Fight, go to [[8]]\nB. Run, go to [[16]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">39</span></html>\nCrossing the bridge you walk southward along the ocean shore where you see another bridge. Which direction do you go?\n\nA. East, go to [[41]]\nB. West, go to [[42]]
<html><span class="formal"><center>START</center></span></html>\nAs the descendant of Erdrick, a great warrior of old, you are about to set out on the first leg of a quest to defeat the Dragonlord who has taken over the Kingdom of Alefgard. You begin in Tantegel Castle and, as you stand at the gate, you must decide which direction to take.\n\nA. East, go to [[1]]\nB. South, go to [[2]]\nC. West, go to [[3]]\nD. North, go to [[4]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">38</span></html>\nYou have reached the town of Garinham and discovered that there is a locked door, behind which lies an important secret. You also learn that the princess is somewhere to the East. Where do you go?\n\nA. East, go to [[39]]\nB. West, go to [[40]]\nC. North, go to [[40]]\nD. South, go to [[40]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">59</span></html>\nUsing the Hurt spell you inflicted 10 points of damage, but received 6.\n\n--Go to [[60]]
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<html><span class="pagenumber">58</span></html>\nYour attack gave 7 points of damage to the enemy and you sustained 6 points of damage.\n\n--Go to [[60]]
<html><span class="formal">Rules of the Game</span></html>\n\nAs a warrior about to set out on a quest you have 10 Hit Points (HP), 0 Magic Points (MP) and 120 Gold. Read what happens in each frame, then either choose from the list of options or go to the frame number indicated if there is only one option. When attacked by monsters your HP will be reduced, and if it reaches 0, the game is over. Your success depends on how well you make decisions and how well you remember wrong turns and dead ends. There are many dangers, and the choice that works once may not work in a different situation.\n\n[[START]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">10</span></html>\nYou've escaped!\n\nA. Return to Brecconary, go to [[1]]\nB. Move straight ahead, go to [[13]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">13</span></html>\nGoing left brings you to a field. Which direction do you go now?\n\nA. West, go to [[3]]\nB. South, go to [[1]]\nC. North, go to [[2]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">12</span></html>\nHeading to the right you enter the forest where a Drakee appears, looking rather mean.\n\nA. Fight, go to [[9]]\nB. Run, go to [[10]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">15</span></html>\nA Magician attacks using the Hurt spell. You respond by...?\n\nA. Fighting, go to [[20]]\nB. Running, go to [[16]]\nC. Using a Spell, go to [[43]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">14</span></html>\nLuckily you've escaped, but you can't earn Experience Points or Gold by running away. Return to [[Start|START]].
<html><span class="pagenumber">17</span></html>\nYou've attacked an enemy before it was prepared and won a great victory, gaining 8 Experience and 10 Gold. You go up 1 Level and learn the spells of Heal and Hurt. Your HP is at 30 and your MP is at 16. Where do you go next?\n\nA. East, go to [[44]]\nB. North, go to [[45]]\nC. South, go to [[46]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">16</span></html>\nSeeing a cave to the North, you proceed to the...?\n\nA. East, go to [[21]]\nB. West, go to [[22]]\nC. North, go to [[23]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">19</span></html>\nGood punch. You knocked down the enemy and gained 2 Experience Points and 1 Gold. Now let's go back to town.\n\n--Go to [[1]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">18</span></html>\nYour attack inflicted 1 point of damage while you received 5 points of damage. Your HP is at 2.\n\nA. Fight, go to [[19]]\nB. Run, go to [[1]]\nC. Spell, go to [[43]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">31</span></html>\nHerb heels your wounds and you recover your strength.\n\n--Go to [[16]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">30</span></html>\nSprinkling the Fairy Water all over you will keep the monsters away.\n\n--Go to [[6]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">37</span></html>\nNear a lake in the woods you come upon a Slime.\n\n--Go to [[8]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">36</span></html>\nRunning away from the enemy, you find yourself back at the castle.\n\n--Go to [[6]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">35</span></html>\nYou've attacked the Drakee and both of you received 3 points of damage.\n\nA. Fight, go to [[20]]\nB. Run, go to [[6]]\nC. Spell, go to [[43]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">34</span></html>\nA Magician appears.\n\n--Go to [[24]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">33</span></html>\nOnce you've put on the wings they speed you back to the castle.\n\n--Go to [[6]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">55</span></html>\nYour attack on the Skeleton leaves you with only 6 HP and 0 MP. The Skeleton received 6 points of damage.\n\nA. Fight, go to [[62]]\nB. Run, go to [[61]]\nC. Spell, go to [[63]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">32</span></html>\nThe Dragon's Scale doesn't do anything.\n\n--Go to [[34]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">61</span></html>\nYou have escaped and, after recovering your strength at an Inn, you are ready to go.\n\n--Go to [[50]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">57</span></html>\nYour Hurt spell inflicted 8 points of damage while you received 10 damage points.\n\nA. Fight, go to [[55]]\nB. Run, go to [[61]]\nC. Spell, go to [[55]]
<html><span class="pagenumber">50</span></html>\nA Skeleton attacks before you reach the village.\n\nA. Fight, go to [[55]]\nB. Run, go to [[56]]\nC. Spell, go to [[57]]