Suddenly a bunch of other protesters come up to join the ones in front of you. These ones are carrying banjos, guitars, bongo drums. They start dancing around and singing.\n\n//"You load sixteen tons, what do you get,"// they sing.\n\nAnd the chorus picks it up: //"Another day older and deeper in debt!"//\n\nThese ungrateful sonsofbitches! You can barely hear yourself starting to snarl over their singing!\n\n[[TEAR GAS THEM ALL!|gas1]] or [[stand your ground|concert2]]
They keep yelling.\n\n"How much money did you make last year?"\n\n"You don't have to do this!"\n\n"Someday you're going to realize that you had a choice! Someday you'll say, shit! I was on the wrong side!"\n\nYou're growling loud now!\n\n*[[PEPPER SPRAY THEM!|spray1]] or [[stand your ground|concert]]
<<set $taped = "no">><<set $shoot = 0>><<set $spray = 0>>Across America, scores of the disenfranchised and jobless have flocked to the streets in protest of unchecked corporate and capitalist greed, only to be met with strong police resistance. These are confusing times! To help understand the complexities of these encounters, step into the paws of...\n\n<html><center><b>POLICE BEAR<br>THE CUBBY COP</b><br>\n<br>\nA story by Anna Anthropy,<br>starring the cuddliest cop on the force!</center></html>\n*[[start your adventure!|suit up]]
You thought the city wasn't letting any reporters in! The guy films each of you, taking close-ups of your badges. "Look at all these taped badges! <<if $taped eq "no">>Well, at least one Officer has the balls to show his name! Say hello, Officer Cubby!"<<else>>Isn't that against procedure, to put tape on your names like that? Isn't that against procedure?"<<endif>>\n\nYour hairs are standing on end, and a growl is rising to your lips.\n\n*[[SHOOT HIM!|shoot2]] or [[stand your ground|protester]]
NO, CUBBY! Procedure dictates that you have to announce that you're going to fire teargas first!!\n\n<<display 'concert2'>>
Fuck procedure and fuck all these protesters! You're a god damn bear!! <<display 'gas'>>
Hiding your name is dishonest, and you're an honest cop! You discard the tape.\n\n<<display 'reporter'>>
.passage { width: 400px !important }\n\na { text-decoration: none !important }\na.internalLink { color: royalblue !important }\na.internalLink:hover { color: black !important; background-color: royalblue !important; text-decoration: none !important }
<<display 'spray'>>\n\n<<if $spray eq 1>><<display 'concert'>><<endif>>
The guy runs off to film a different line of cops, just before you go berserk.\n\nBut now some girl and her friend are coming up to the line. "Why don't you join us?" she yells. "You're the ninety-nine percent too!" "You don't have to be tools of corporations!" her friend shouts.\n\nYou can feel your temperature rising!\n\n*[[PEPPER SPRAY THEM!|spray1]] or [[stand your ground|protester2]]
FUCK THAT! YOU'RE A FUCKING BEAR!!\n\n<<display 'gas'>>
The protestors keep dancing and singing! Right in front of you! It's like they're mocking you!\n\n//"Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go! I owe my soul to the company store!"//\n\nThey're all laughing and dancing around!! It's making you furious!!\n\n[[TEAR GAS THEM ALL!|gas2]] or [[stand your ground|lose control]]
Some guy with a shaved head and a phone in his hand comes up to you. "Say hello to all five thousand people watching this livestream around the world!" he yells, strafing the line of cops with his phone camera.\n\nYour blood-hairs start twitching again.\n\n*[[SHOOT HIM!|shoot1]] or [[stand your ground|reporter2]]
You spray the teargas canister right into the crowd! It hits the banjo player in the leg! He crumples to the ground! Other people scream and run, covering their eyes and mouths!\n\n<<display 'carnage'>><<endif>>
It's night. You stand in a line with other cops you know and some you don't. This isn't your town - you're from Cubbyville and this is Happyland. But the local cops wanted to bolster their forces for the showdown tonight.\n\nThe protesters in the plaza ahead aren't paying attention to you yet. You can see a man shouting loudly, urging people to pick up rocks and throw them at the cops. Your blood-hairs start to bristle.\n\n"Easy, officer," a cop behind you warns. "That's Officer Honeysuckle. He's undercover." As you watch, the other protesters surround him and try to calm him. Eventually he gets fed up and storms away.\n\n"Here," your friend says. He hands you a piece of black tape. "Put it over your badge. You know, your name. So they won't be able to identify you."\n\n*[[tape your badge|taped]] or [[don't tape your badge|untaped]]
<<set $spray = $spray + 1>><<if $spray eq 1>>NO, CUBBY! Remember official procedure!\n\nYou can't spray an unarmed protester without warning them first! Put the spray away, Officer Cubby!<<endif>><<if $spray eq 2>>Fuck procedure, you're a bear! You shake your can and give them a hard burst of pepper right in the eyes! They scream, clutching at their faces!\n\n<<display 'carnage'>><<endif>>\n
<<display 'shoot'>>\n\n<<if $shoot eq 1>><<display 'reporter2'>><<endif>>
<<display 'shoot'>>\n\n<<if $shoot eq 1>><<display 'protester'>><<endif>>
FIRST BLOOD! The sound of people screaming and crying excites you! You charge into the plaza, bowling protesters over and knocking camps aside. They scream and run before you! You chase them, tearing limbs free with your teeth!\n\nWhat's this? A library! Fuck that, you barrel right through, books flying and tables crunching under your bear weight. You crash through tents and tables and flying, broken bodies. A NURSERY?? What kind of irresponsible parent brings their kids to a place they know a fucking bear is going to be?? You snap the toddlers up like fat little grubs!\n\nRARRR!! The taste of babies' blood is in your lips! They run from you, screaming and scared!\n\n*[[KILL THEM! KILL THEM ALL!!|newsreport]]
<<set $shoot = $shoot + 1>><<if $shoot eq 1>>NO, CUBBY! Remember procedure!\n\nThe official ordnance your district passed last year dictates that before you fire on an unarmed civilian, you need to raise your gun and announce you're going to fire on him.\n\nIt's not time for that now! Put your gun away!<<endif>><<if $shoot eq 2>>The hell with procedure! You're a bear!! You pull take aim and fire. The reporter crumples to the ground in pain! People scream and run!\n\n<<display 'carnage'>><<endif>>
The next day, the local news reports on your actions.\n\n"Protesters illegally obstructing access to John Whiteguy Plaza last night were asked to leave by the city. While the protesters were reluctant to leave what had become a hotbed of drug use, sexual harassment and jerking off into dog corpses, they were eventually convinced to relocate their camps."\n\n<html><center><b>CAPITALISM IS DEFENDED!<br>YOU, OFFICER CUBBY, ARE GETTING A COMMENDATION!</b></center></html>
"Rubber bullets?" "Check."\n\n"Pepper spray?" "Check."\n\n"Tear gas?" "Check."\n\n"And don't forget your riot shield, Officer Cubby. You wouldn't want to get hurt, heh heh."\n\n*[["NO SIR!"|downtown]]
<<set $taped = "yes">>You place the black tape over your name.\n\n<<display 'reporter'>>
<<display 'spray'>>\n<<if $spray eq 1>><<display 'protester2'>><<endif>>