You get passed from hand to greedy hand like a sack of pleading, ticklish potatoes. That last pair of hands pull a uniform on your jittering, overstimulated body and deposit you in a cell. Clothes-wise, you get the B-movie standard: a button-down shirt with too few buttons, a short short pair of prison-striped shorts, and a flimsy pair of panties, no doubt chosen for ease of rip-offability. No shoes or socks, of course.\n\nBANG! With your nerves shook up like they are the sound of the cell door slamming behind you makes you jump. Catching your breath, you hear your captors giggling away down the hall. Finally, you're out of reach of tickling fingers and the horny cops on the other end of them who leer and grin and make fun of how hard it makes you. You can still feel your hard-on almost pushing a hole through your panties. Argh!\n\nWhat's this? It seems you have a roommate.\n\nA chubby girl with messy hair lays on one of the two cots against the back wall, leg up and hand busy between her legs, working her clit like her pussy's gonna swing open and reveal a vault full of diamonds. She doesn't even stop when she sees you standing there, watching in awe, she just moans like all your presence has done is add a new layer to her jerk-off session.\n\n"Welcome to the kennel. Shit, hold the phone, you're really fucking pretty. Probably gonna be spending a lot of time in someone's office. Mm, god. That's what they do here, you know. They tour the cells like they're picking out a pet. I'll take that one, the one who's jumping the furthest out of her skin at the thought of being tickled. Then on goes the leash, and off you go to the dog house. Ah! They TICKLE you, they tickle you hard and they're really really good at it! God, it's HOT as SHIT! But they never ever get me off. They just let me beg while my pussy steams! Ah! God! Touch me, just once! Put a finger in me, please! Just one, you cheapskates! But no, those fingers keep tickling! Fuck! When they bring me back my hand goes straight for my clit and stays there til the cuffs go back on. I'm Marcy by the way. I'd shake but, haha."\n\nShe looks up at you again, chewing a hot little lip as she figures you in to some mental equation. She blushes for the first time. "Ah. Shit, you're cute. I get myself off every day. With my own two hands, you know, honest day's work. But, god. Maybe you could help me out? You know, lend a hand. I'd like that a lot. Shit, I'd like that a real fucking lot."\n\n*[[NO!|10-no]]\n*[[YES!|10-yes]]
Fingers are the way to go. You slide onto the cot with her, and just your presence, the newness of it, gets her hot all over again. She gets her hands on you, assuring herself you're solid enough to fuck her like she wants. Looking into her eyes you see such lust, such shivering wet need that it makes you moan, but the sound that she makes when you finally touch your fingers to that hot wet cunt puts yours to shame. As you start rubbing her up and down her roaming hands take hold, grabbing your flimsy shirt and pulling you in closer, faces smearing against each other, tongue curling into your mouth.\n\nShe's almost biting at your lips, she's so hungry for this, her tongue filling your mouth, muffling your moans. Her desperation is intoxicating - fuck, are you going to be like her soon, this horny, this desperate? You start working her clit, making hard little circles while you press your own hungry tongue into her mouth. When you come up for air, she says, "put your fingers inside me," with a voice so heavy with the gravity of her need that you tumble in head-first. You slide two fingers right up into her, and she clamps to you tight as a promise, welcoming with a groan something she hasn't gotten in a long long time.\n\nBANG BANG! You almost fall off the cot, sticky hands scrambling terrified for purchase. Marcy howls in animal rage at having your fingers taken away from her but she makes no attempt at reconnecting because of what she sees outside.\n\nOutside the cell are a couple of cops, rattling on the bars with a nightstick. It's two of the evil dykes who brought you in. They're looking at you, and they're grinning. Shit.\n\n<<display '12-order'>>
#sidebar { width: 216px !important }\n#passages { width: 500px !important; background-color:dodgerblue!important; background-image:url('paper.png');\nbackground-repeat:repeat-x; margin-left: 280px }\n.passage { !important; padding-left: 10px; padding-right: 10px; padding-top:2cm; padding-bottom:1cm }\n\na { text-decoration: none !important }\na.internalLink { color: black; font-size:500% !important }\na.internalLink:hover { color: white !important; text-decoration: none !important }\na.externalLink { color: black; !important }\na.externalLink:hover { color: white !important; text-decoration: none !important }
You take a deep breath and keep your hands to yourself. "Five seconds," insists a voice that blows across your ear like a cold wind, "or it's tickle time for the both of you."\n\nYou can see the look of terror return to Marcy's face. "Oh god oh god oh god. Please!!" she begs. She doesn't say, please let these sadists, these tickle-crazed dykes drooling behind you, please let them have your hands. Please let them do whatever fucked up thing they want to do to you, please serve yourself to them on a fucking platter. She says "please," and she hits you with such a desperate, vulnerable look that even if you weren't trembling you'd be weak in the knees.\n\n*[[NO!|15-punished]]\n*[[YES!|15-cuffed]]
<<if $admittedliketickling eq "no">>"All sorts of lies from this little brat. She tells me she doesn't like getting tickled. But scant seconds later - an exaggeration, of course, you know how I like to take my time with my bitches - she tells me she's getting off on it. Well, shit! What have I been doing this whole time, giving you an erotic massage?\n\n<<if $askedforjizz eq "yes">>"Bitch clearly thought I was, cause she tried to get me to touch her cock. What, are you gonna slip me a twenty or something?"\n\nSHIT, you wish you could close your fucking legs instead of sitting here in the spotlight with this plump little boner in your lap.\n\n<<endif>>"Yeah, this is a fucking day spa. A day and night spa. And I think this little brat deserves a long vacation. Believe me, I would love to work on with skin until it was the softest, most tender girlcanvas in the joint."\n\nThe thought that they could make you even more ticklish is a bottomless pit opening up around you.\n\nThe jury speaks up. "How would you characterize the prisoner, Officer?"\n\n"Thinks she's tough. She likes being broken, this one. Likes being difficult, because she knows you're gonna work even harder on her. That's what she wants. What a manipulative little bitch, huh? She wants to see how hard we can do her. I say she find outs."<<else>>"So I apply my charms. I must be charming as hell, cause she's laughing in no time. She's really opening up to me, or maybe that was just the way I had her tied. Anyway, we're good friends now, so she confides in me that she likes being tickled. A lot. It gets her off.\n\n<<if $askedforjizz eq "yes">>"In fact, she asked me to actually get her off. And believe me, I was tempted. But I have a policy not to give little liars what they want, no matter how pretty their cocks or how desperate the looks in their eyes. But don't take that as a rejection, bitch. I felt like I really got to know you. And frankly you got charms of your own. I'm looking forward to our second date, maybe even a long-term relationship."\n\nYou think you hear yourself make a sound, some kind of whimper. Or maybe that was just your prick, speaking for you again.<<else>>"Now I suppose it's possible she thought that she was telling this to me in confidence. I'm no fucking gossip. I'm sharing this with all of you because this charming little lady has needs, and I want to see they get met. She needs to be tickled, bad. She needs to be tickled hard."\n\nYour instinct is to shake your head frantically. But you don't want to draw more attention to yourself - you can hear the jury laughing, you can tell that they're already sizing you up for a set of stocks. You try to stay as still as possible, but it's hard because you can feel their fingers preemptively tracing your skin.\n\n"She needs to get tickled long. I think we should set up shifts. Shouldn't be hard to find volunteers for a gal this charming."<<endif>>\n\nThe jury speaks up. "How would you characterize the prisoner, Officer?"\n\n"Greedy tickle slut. Wants it bad. Especially for someone who's not ticklish in the first place. This girl may come off as cold, but then you apply a little heat. Girl melts into a puddle. Or maybe that's just her prick. I say put the heat on, and I'm talking oven territory."<<endif>>
You walk right up to the bars and the smug cop faces behind them. Maybe it's their hats - standard issue - maybe it's your bare feet in front of their boots, but probably it's the fact that you're in a cage and they're outside of it that makes you feel so much shorter than them.\n\n"Good girl," they tell you. "Now turn around."\n\n*[[NO!|14-warning]]\n*[[YES!|14-turnaround]]
You take a deep breath and turn around to see a look of relief on Marcy's face, but you can't share her feelings. You're the one who's on the menu right now. What kind of stupid mouse turns its back on a cat? One who's about to have teeth marks in her skin. You can't help but imagine their teeth, their mocking smiles at the dumb girl who did exactly what they wanted.\n\n"Now," instruct the voices behind you, "put your hands through the bars."\n\n*[[NO!|16-lastchance]]\n*[[YES!|15-cuffed]]
You turn over, put your insistent little boner as far from your mind as possible, and close your eyes. Your body couldn't be more tired if you'd ran a marathon, and even given the chilly fear of the setting it's not too hard to convince it to sleep.\n\n*[[LATER...|17-untied]]
Horny little bitch. She doesn't miss a beat. "Maybe you wanna watch, then?" She gives you what is probably intended as a hopeful smile, but the teeth that pull at it transform it into something else entirely.\n\n*[[NO!|11-ignore]]\n*[[YES!|11-watch]]
<<set $admittedticklish = "yes">>"Y-y-y-y-y-y-yes." You add a syllable for every time you will fucking die if this evil dyke digs her fingers into your sides. Spread like Christmas dinner, and you're telling this bitch you're ticklish. What horny little devils are pulling the levers in your brain to make you admit that to the woman with her fingers inches from your skin? The kind that want to see you fry. But your captor just smiles.\n\n"Despite whatever you may think about what we do here, from what you've seen so far," she tells you - her fingers haven't moved - "we're professionals." Sweat drips down your body like you're on a spit over a bonfire instead of a chair in a chilly room. "We're committed to what we do," she continues. "We take it very seriously. And that's why," says Officer F., "procedure makes me unable to simply take your word for it." You have time to make one sound, a fading sound like a cat falling off a bridge, before her fingers dig in.\n\nSubject: various body parts, ticklishness of. Object: one fucked little tickle bitch. Method: cootchie cootchie coo. Results: Belly? YES MA'AM! Thighs? YES SIR!! Those hot little creases between your crotch and your thighs? OH SHIT, NOT THERE. Between this pair of ribs? Between those? Between these? OH NO, NO, NO NO NO NO NO. NO, PLEASE DON'T! STOP!! Amazing how words run together when you're talking fast - like, say, when you're trying to push out words between uncontrollable laughter - and words like "don't" and "stop" sound like they're part of the same sentence.\n\nIs she keeping track? She wouldn't be doing this to you just for fun, would she?? Somewhere deep in her brain, past the immediate audiovisual stimulus of a bound, twisting girl screaming laughter and begging for mercy, is she ticking off a mental list of how ticklish each part of you is on a scale from one to ten? Thighs, ten. Tummy, ten. Ribs, ten. Armpits?\n\nOH JESUS NOT YOUR PITS. But you realize she hasn't touched them yet, she's just holding her fingers over them like ten gleaming swords of Damocles. Ten fucking wiggling swords of Damocles. Every time she wiggles them you laugh like she's already tickling you.\n\n"You're a good girl so far, the kind that tells the truth. I like it when pretty, ticklish girls tell me the truth. Makes writing in my diary at bedtime real easy. 'Met a nice girl today. Didn't lie to me at all.' Things are easy for me, maybe they're not so hard for you." Her fingers wiggle again, and you try to slide down deeper into your seat, giggling, deep enough that you're away from those wiggling fingers, but you can't.\n\n"My friend Max told said you told her you like being tickled. Is that true? Do you like this?"\n\n*[[NO!|6-no]]\n*[[YES!|6-yes]]
You keep your hands right where they are, curling them into fists. "Five seconds," says the voice behind you. "If I don't have your hands in five seconds, we're opening this door."\n\nMarcy watches you with her lip bit and almost tears in her eyes, but she doesn't say anything. She just waits to see if you'll obey.\n\n*[[NO!|15-punished]]\n*[[YES!|15-cuffed]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $resistedarrest = "no">>\n\n<<set $admittedticklish = "no">>\n<<set $admittedliketickling = "no">>\n<<set $admittedgetoff = "no">>\n<<set $askedforjizz = "no">>\n\n<<set $watchedroommate = "no">>\n<<set $fuckedroommate = "no">>\n<<set $ateroommateout = "no">>\n<<set $disobeyed = "no">>\n<<set $punished = "no">>\n\n<<set $jerkedoff = "no">>\n<<set $dirtystory = "no">>\n<<set $teased = "no">>\n<<set $gotfucked = "no">>\n\n<<set $struggling = 0>>\n<<set $dirty = "no">>\n<<set $submissive = 0>>\n<<set $brat = 0>>\n<<set $slut = 0>>\n<<set $verdict = "???">>\n<<endsilently>>\n\n<html><img src="copper.png"></html>\n\n*//Illustration by [[Madam Luna|]]//\n\n''WARNING!'' This is a dirty, smutty story! It contains forced abduction, forced imprisonment, forced humiliation and forced laughter! The characters herein are not based on any persons, living or dead, but on silly sexual archetypes. Remember, the only good cop is a fantasy sex cop.\n\n*[[START|1-date]]
She's quiet for a minute. Then she says, "Well, what if I tell you a story instead?"\n\n*[[NO!|17-sleep]]\n*[[YES!|17-story]]
<<set $dirtystory = "yes">>"Okay, so. One time, Officer Spitroast - I'm one of her favorites, or maybe every girl in the place spends hours beneath her fingers - she was grilling me for a while. You can imagine, strapped down, bare as a confession, pussy leaking all over the place. It was hot as shit. 'Please let me come,' I begged her. 'Tickle my pussy. I'll give you anything.' But what the fuck could I offer her, right? I'll let you tickle me as much as you want? They already get that standard issue.\n\n"Well she got sick of listening to me. Most days she'd stuff a gag in my mouth and go about her business - god, that made me crazy, how nonchalant she could be about it - but not that day. That Fateful Day. She left her walkie talkie next to me and went to do some paperwork, or whatever it is pervert cops do when it's not my ticklish ass. 'Every peep I hear outta you,' she said, finger wagging in my face, and god I wanted to just lick it, the things that maniac does to me, 'every peep I hear, you're getting five minutes of solitary confinement.' And she left me there, naked and tied. I might have been more scared than I was horny, for once.\n\n"Well, Officer Bootstrap had been listening in the hall. The moment I saw her slink into the room, big girl-eating grin on her face, I knew I was fucked fucked fucked! Spitroast was gone for twenty minutes, but by the time she got back I'd earned two hours in solitary. Ugh. Maybe that doesn't sound so bad, but solitary confinement here means tickled non-stop. There's always someone on duty - they take fucking shifts, cops go in, cops go out, you stay. It's only the color of the fingers in your pits that's changed. Somewhere in this building, right now, some girl is strapped to the operating table, getting drilled into. And she still has an hour to go."\n\nMarcy has her hand in her shorts too now. "Oh god. Watching them tickle you was so fucking hot. They keep me on a busy fucking schedule of getting tickled til I pop, but I never get to just watch them work on someone else. Fuck! Watching you fight it. Watching them, watching them break you, just watching you lose it while they worked you over. You're so hot."\n\nShe's moaning. You're moaning. Two little racecars screaming to zero, night riders. You can hear her cot squealing as she comes, her toes perched on the edges of the bed and her ass lifted off the mattress, or maybe that's just what you think you can make out in the fuzzy darkness. A moment later you come, turning and biting your pillow as you squirt hot onto the floor, your body a smear of heat. Leave it there to cool. Fuck it. You fall from hot winds into a cool, deep ocean. You fall slowly.\n\n"Sweet dreams," you think you hear Marcy say - listening to you come put a quiver in her voice - but you're way ahead of her, deflating like a balloon until there's nothing left but sleep.\n\n*[[LATER...|17-untied]]
You watch through a mat of tangled, sweaty hair while your interrogator calls a guard into the room. "Questioning's over. I'll testify on my findings at the trial. Meanwhile, there's a cool cell that needs a hot little body to keep it warm. I leave her in your hands."\n\nAs Officer F. takes her leave, the guard smiles at the sight of you, spread for her like thanksgiving dinner. What do you do with such a bounty? She invites her friends. And they invite their friends.\n\n*[[LATER...|9-cell]]
<<set $struggling = $struggling + 1>><<display 'struggling'>>\n\n<<display '19-firstwitness'>>
"Do we have to come in there?" She's threatening you, but there's a big old grin on her face. "You remember what happens if we come in there, right?"\n\nMarcy does. "Just do it! Please! Just do what they say!"\n\n*[[NO!|15-punished]]\n*[[YES!|15-hands]]
<<set $gotfucked = "yes">>She makes a sigh of satisfaction, its edges cut with lust. Marcy climbs into your cot, her feet cold but her body warm against yours, your legs jostling for space on the small cot. Even in the darkness you can see her eyes twinkle as her fingers finds your thigh. And then suddenly her hand is on your cock, god. The soft palm of her hand is such an unexpected present. She just rests her hand there for a second, feeling the excited trembling of your body, the twitching of your little prick in her hand. And then, slowly, she starts stroking.\n\nOh shit! This girl knows what she's doing. You lay back, biting your hand. Then you moan unashamedly. You rock your hips with her little strokes, your body bristling with ice heat every time the palm of her hand brushes the head of your cock. Now she's moaning, you're moaning, and in the darkness it's hard to tell where your voice ends and hers begins. Your lust and hers are two dark rivers running into the same black pool.\n\n"God it was so hot watching them tickle you. I never get to, you know, watch someone ELSE get it! Ah! The way they like, toy with you, the way they fucking SMILE. God, like they own your ticklish ass! Is that what it looks like when they're working me over? Fuck, except you're pretty as hell of course. You're so fucking hot. Oh god."\n\nYou grind against each other in the darkness of a sweat-soaked cot, your cock melting into her hand. "I want to hear you come," she growls, and that's all you need. You squirt hot onto your thigh, onto Marcy probably but you can't see where, your head pushing back against the cot like it wants to reach the other side. It pushes through. You enter, for a moment, a space that has no boundaries.\n\nThen you float down cool into the haze of a post-jizz swamp. Cloudy tingles all over your skin as Marcy leans back, puts her hand on her clit, and works herself to a quick orgasm, but you only half-perceive it, like trying to pay attention to a stage show when you're falling asleep. She presses her tongue into your mouth and you don't resist. A good night kiss. "Sweet dreams." She gives you a squeeze, a sincere one, and it feels really fucking nice right now. Then she returns to her cot.\n\nThe clouds roll over you, and soon you're in slumberland.\n\n*[[LATER...|17-untied]]
"I HATE IT!"\n\n"Of course you do. I mean, what do I expect." You un-squint your eyes and unclench your jaw. You were bracing for the fingers in your pits to lunge. Not yet. "A girl is grabbed off the street. Just like that: yoink! A magic trick. She's stuffed in a car. Taken to a building - does she know where she is? Fuck no. Does she know how long she's gonna be there? Mercifully, no. Dykes that took her, they keep her tied down. You don't want your pet to run outside into traffic or something. All day long, these dykes, for no other reason than that it's fun - maybe it's hot too, maybe they get off on it. Yeah, the way they go at it, they must - they torture this girl." A gulp finds its way down your trembling throat. "Do you know what they do to her?" You stare at the cop, the one with her fingers in your pits, unable to make words.\n\n"They tickle her." Hearing her say the word "TICKLE" makes you almost leap in your straps. God, why can't she just tickle you and get it over with? "And it's torture, believe me, the way they tickle her. Not like her mommy used to. Not they way her girlfriend used to play with her toes on a summer day in the grass. No, they strap the bitch down and they make her scream and they make her beg. She says stop, do they stop? Fuck no. She says, let me go! She stays right there in the straps. She says, please, no more tickling! You know what she gets? Do you know what she gets? More fucking tickling!"\n\nOH GOD OH SHIT her fingers are still right there in your pits and you wish she would just tickle you already. PLEASE JUST DO IT! PLEASE JUST TICKLE ME! "You'd call that torture, right? Sure. And a girl in that kinda position" - she looks up and down your strapped, spread legs - "it'd be hard for her to admit that that kind of torture turned her on. Degrading, even. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be, for something so unbearable, so cruel, to get you so fucking hard?" FUCK! JUST TICKLE ME!!\n\nOh, she does. It comes as almost a relief, like being dunked in a cold pool. She dunks you over and over, every time you come up gasping, your hair soaked and matted. She doesn't use torture as an idle word.\n\nWhen she finally stops, you sit, giggling dumbly cause you can somehow still feel her fingers scrabble your pits. Raising your tear-stained face, you make the mistake of looking into her eyes. WRONG. She gives it to you again, and the real fingers are much, much worse than the imaginary ones. You're laughing silently, mute, when she stops again, all your giggle-fuel burnt up. And again you're stupid enough to meet her eyes. Dumb bitch. AHA! AHAHA PLEASE!! AA!!\n\nThis time you finally smarten up enough to keep your head down, eyes on your stiff wet prick. Traitor. She twitches visibly, as though to call you a hypocrite. You can almost hear her scream when fingers touch your foot.\n\nOH JESUS CHRIST NOT THERE. At the end of your leg is the most terrifying thing you've ever seen: a dyke sadist holding your toes back with one hand and resting the other on your bare sole in a claw. Your toes try to curl, and when they're unable to, pushing against the warm, inflexible meat of her hand, you moan against your will. It's out of your mouth before you can stop it.\n\n"Well, let's cut to the chase, then. Does this - this TORTURE - in fact get you off?" Her fingers give a quick wiggle and your body jolts rigid.\n\nBut you're not dead yet. She expects you to ANSWER.\n\n*[[NO!|7-no]]\n*[[YES!|7-yes]]
<<set $admittedgetoff = "yes">>"Yes," you moan, and your tone speaks more than your one syllable to the depth and intensity of your need.\n\n<<if $admittedliketickling eq "no">>"Even though it's torture? Or maybe because it's torture. Is that what you get off on? Or what you //would// get off on.<<else>>"Or you //would// get off on this.<<endif>> If I let you." Your cock whimpers in your lap, her little face streaked with pre-come tears. "I bet you're real ticklish there, huh? Get my fingers in there and I'd hear some REAL begging and screaming. Am I right?" The choking sound you make answers the question eloquently. "I could tie your little cock and balls so I could tickle her for hours and you'd never come, you know that? For DAYS." You toes curl hard, white-knuckling against her hand.\n\n"But I got this pretty foot already tied, and she needs it just as bad." FUCK! SHIT!!\n\nAHAHAHAHAHAHA, it's tickle time for you, bitch! You manage to catch your interrogator's eyes for a second before her fingers start moving and the bottomless roller-coaster rolls down the track. You see something in her eyes, just a quick flash, that zooms straight to your cock. A reflection of yourself, tiny, trembling with lust, trapped forever in the snowglobe of her bullet eye. The longest split-second in the universe, that freefall moment of anticipation between the threat of tickling and the fingers digging in, that endless black chasm opening beneath you.\n\nAnd then ice-fire fingers rake down your sole.\n\nAHAHA NO FUCK!! Now the chasm's a pit and you're caught there, tickle meat in hell. If you could see into her eyes still, could see them from the tickle pit, what would you see? A poor little bitch yanking uselessly at the straps that hold her spread, the tortured trapezoid smile of a forced laugh under a mat of sweaty hair, the hot little boner, swollen with tickle lust. All these things, snapshots for her jerk-off album?\n\nGOD GOD GOD GOD FUCK! If only she would touch your cock, just for a fucking second! She could even keep tickling you, just touch my cock!! But no, these fingers are infatuated with your trapped, naked foot, tracing hot trails across your sole and your arch and between your wriggling toes. Your foot twists in her hands like an animal in a trap, but always she wrestles it back down and gets her fingers back in. OH JESUS FUCK JUST KILL ME OR FUCK ME ONE OR THE OTHER PLEASE GOD.\n\nAnd the tickle god is appeased, because she's out of your toes and moving her hand towards your cock.\n\n"You're not even laughing anymore, have you realized? It's been all moans for the past five, ten minutes - how long have I been tickling you?" You have no energy with which to respond, it's all been relocated to your straining boner.\n\n"Here's your last question, tickle slut. Do you want to come?"\n\n*[[NO!|8-no]]\n*[[YES!|8-yes]]
<<set $disobeyed = "yes">>"If you don't turn around," one of the cops says, and, the bars between you notwithstanding, her cool, leering face is really pretty close to your own, to the one you're trying very hard to keep from flinching or twitching or making any overt gesture of fear while her eyes have yours on lock-down, "if you don't turn around, we're gonna have to come in there. And when we're in there, both of you get it. Both of you get it non-stop til lights out."\n\nYou can hear Marcy squeal behind you. "Oh jesus! Please do what they say! Oh god, please please please!"\n\n*[[NO!|15-punished]]\n*[[YES!|15-warned]]
<<display '20-secondwitness'>>
Girlporker ignores the witness chair in favor of a comfier seat. She sits right down in your lap, straddling you, her face just inches from yours, her lips a tongue's length from your gagged, drooling mouth. Your hard-on pressed hard to her thigh. You can't help it: you moan. She eats it up. God, if she licked her lips right now, right in your face like this, you'd probably fucking squirt. But she's got too much she's got to say.\n\n<<display '21-thirdwitness'>>
<<set $ateroommateout = "yes">>This here's an eatin' pussy, alright. Marcy groans in desire when she sees you drop to your knees, her fingers clenching the cot in anticipation. You crawl right up to that wet pink pussy and take a whiff. Oh, that is a good pussy smell. Strong, but not dirty strong. Greedy strong. This is a greedy fucking pussy. You get down and, looking up into your new roommate's shining wet eyes, take a long, slow lick, bottom to top along that greedy pussy's fat lips.\n\nGirl almost dies. "Oh yes yes yes yes yes yes please!" She pushes her hips up onto your face like she wants to climb into your mouth, and you lick lick lick away at the pretty pussy in front of you. You explore a bit, lapping at her clit, then giving her the quick side-to-side - that makes her go a little crazy, digging her fingers into your hair, which makes you moan into her wet snatch - but eventually you find a good rhythm, lick, breathe, lick, breathe, quick little darts at her clit. You can feel her legs on your back, toes curling so hard her nails almost scratch you, fists almost ripping your hair out, her screams pushing the boundaries of your decibel range as you tongue her towards something she hasn't been allowed to have in a long long time.\n\nBANG BANG! You both jump, tumbling apart, your face wet with pussy. Marcy sounds like she might start crying, the noises she's making from having your quick little tongue taken away from her. Outside the cell are a couple of cops, rattling on the bars with a nightstick. It's two of the mean dykes who brought you in. They've got big hungry wolf-grins on their faces, and they're looking at you like a pig in a straw house.\n\n<<display '12-order'>>
In heels, you stumble down a few short stairs out of the club and into the arms of the lean young stud who caught first your eye, then quickly the rest of you. Caught is the right word, cause soon you're squirming between her strong arms and the cold brick wall. Her interested fingertips trace your body, making your skin tingle and dance. Her lips make a home in your ear, her teeth get comfy on your lobe.\n\nThen she says, "Before this goes any further, I want you to know I have an angle. An interest I need to indulge. I hate to pop a deal-breaker on you, you're a hot little catch. But I have an agenda tonight and I need to know if you fit it."\n\nYou phrase your moan as a question. She's holding you just out of tongue length, pinning your hands so you can't grab or touch her, ensuring you're forced to listen.\n\n"Tickling. Not the tee-hee, giggle giggle kind, the stake you down and work you over til you explode kind. Til you're so overstimulated, so hypersensitized that every touch makes your skin scream, and you're begging me to touch you between your legs. And then, maybe, you might get to come. Or you might just get to laugh more." Her fingers slide up under your top, electric on your belly. "Does that kind of scene appeal to you?"\n\n*[[NO!|2-no]]\n*[[YES!|2-yes]]
"I met this pretty little thing in a club," Max begins. "I was undercover, of course. And this babe, she was hard into the idea of being tickled. I was very clear about what I wanted. A girl to strap down and tickle til I got my fill. No ambiguity here whatsoever. And you know what this slut does? She rubs herself against me so I can feel how hard she is! Look at her, she's hard right now."\n\nLaughter and cat-calls from the jury. The ropes make it impossible to close your legs. You avoid looking down at your traitorous boner.\n\n<<if $resistedarrest == "yes">>"Yeah, can you imagine? But when my friends showed up to take the bitch in, she resisted arrest. She knew exactly what she was getting. Only possible explanation is she wanted it rough."\n\n"And how rough did she get it?" asks one of the jury. "Did you have to use force to bring her in?"\n\n"Officer Girlporker was on the bitch in a second. It was very impressive. Hot as shit, too, sitting on the girl and whispering in her ear. You could hear the bitch moan."\n\nThe phrase "undressing her with their eyes" isn't quite applicable when you're this fucking undressed already. But some of those eyes, you're sure, are tracing that stupid, stiff little prick in your shorts, and that stupid little prick is wishing those eyes were fingers.\n\n"We passed her on to Facesitter soon as we got in."\n\n"Thank you, Officer. Let's get her in here, and maybe she can shed some light on whether our guest is a greedy tickle perv or a feisty little brat. Send her in."<<else>>"Submissive slut was so into it that she did nothing when my buddies showed up, nothing except put her pretty hands behind her back. Oh yeah, surprised this little slut hadn't already shown up on our doorstep with a bow around her prick and a sign that said 'tickle me.'"\n\n"The prisoner didn't resist at all?" one of the jury asks.\n\n"Nope. Bitch followed her hard-on, and her hard-on was pointed straight at our car. We had a few laughs on the way over, and then the girl went straight to Facesitter."\n\nYou hope your hard-on isn't that effective a dowsing rod, because where it's pointing right now is at that wolf-pack jury.\n\n"Thank you, Officer. Let's get Facesitter in here, and maybe she can shed some light on these allegations that our prisoner is a submissive tickle addict."<<endif>>\n\nMax vacates the chair with a little smile and a wave in your direction, making room for witness number two, Officer Facesitter. The sadist who interrogated you. And she looks like she has a lot to say. The urge to protest, to struggle, comes back. Do you?\n\n*[[NO!|20-watch]]\n*[[YES!|20-struggle]]
"Get over here."\n\n*[[NO!|13-no]]\n*[[YES!|13-yes]]
"Let me tell you all about this little tickle bitch." She stares dead into your eyes while she speaks. You're trembling underneath her despite all of your efforts, roped to the chair, her thigh pressing on your cock. Scared as you are, you can't help but look back into her eyes, her gaze is so - let's say "arresting."\n\n"A pal of mine, Officer Toelicker and I, we threw this bitch a housewarming party last night to help her acclimate to her new home. We picked the little lady off the streets, after all, and we wanted to make sure she was making herself cozy. <<if $fuckedroommate eq "yes">> Was she ever! When we got there the slut and her new roommate were already throwing their own little party!" <<if $ateroommateout eq "yes">> She waggles her tongue at you. Oh god! You must be blushing ten different colors but your dumb eyes won't let you look away.<<endif>>\n\n"Well, we watched for a while. To make sure they played nice. But we stopped 'em before things went to far. After all, we'd come all this way, it's rude to ignore guests."<<else>><<if $watchedroommate eq "yes">> Well, it seems like our bitch was getting to know her new roommate right away. When they got there the slut was watching her roommie jerk off! No problem making new friends, this one. Someone went to pre-school! It felt rude to interrupt, but we wanted to play too."<<else>> We're just conscientious like that. We know how stressful moving can be."<<endif>><<endif>>\n\nGod, watching her lips move, watching her eyes stare into yours while she talks is driving you fucking crazy. Or maybe that's her thigh on your bone. Is she pressing on it harder or is that your tortured imagination making wishes?\n\n<<if $disobeyed eq "no">><<if $resistedarrest eq "yes">>"This tickle slut may have put up a fight coming in, but once she was in the cage she was as submissive a bitch as any I've had beneath my boots.<<else>>"This little tickle slut is as submissive a bitch as any I've had beneath my boots.<<endif>> I tell her, get over here. Turn around. Gimme your hands. She obeys without a single question. Not gonna bite the hand that tickles you, huh, bitch? Especially when being tickled gets you so hot."\n\nShe gri-iii-inds against you. Shit! Your cock almost explodes in your pants. Girlporker smirks at your stupid, gagged, drooling, desperate face.<<else>><<if $punished eq "yes">>"Got a bad little pup in our kennel. This brat got her roommate in trouble cause she wouldn't follow instructions." Her fingers crawl up the legs of your shorts, oh shit. "Yeah, her roommate got it real hard cause of this bitch. You know how Toelicker likes to rake a girl over the coals. Don't worry, I made sure this brat got it just as bad."\n\nHer fingertips start picking at your thighs. SHIT AHAHA! The sadist watches you giggle stupidly into your gag as you squirm underneath her. Oh god, your hard-on grinds against her thigh as you wriggle in the ropes. Fuck, just a little more of this and you could come, laughing like the horny idiot you are, but of course she fucking stops. You glare at her smiling face, angry and pathetic. Now you can hear moans - some of the jury were jerking off while they watched. They can get off whenever they want, the assholes.<<else>>"This bitch has some trouble taking orders, we discovered. But like all little brats, we discovered that all you need is the right motivation." Her fingers start picking at your sides. SHIT AHAHAHAHA.\n\n"Soon Toelicker and I were having all sorts of laughs with this little monster. Weren't we?" You just giggle stupidly into your gag as you squirm underneath her. Your hard-on grinds against her thigh as she tickles your sides. God, don't stop tickling! You could come if she doesn't stop! But of course she does. Now you can hear moans - some of the jury were jerking off while they watched. They can get off whenever they want, the fuckers.<<endif>><<endif>>\n\n<<if $punished eq "yes">>"We left the bitches tied to their cots for the night. <<if $teased eq "yes">> Then they had the most interesting conversation, didn't you, brat? Oh yeah. Didn't you know we got mics in all the cells? Do you remember what you talked about, bitch? Was it THIS?" She gives your cock a SQUEEEEZE through your shorts. Fuck! You nearly come right there, whimpering helplessly when she takes her hand away.\n\nGirlporker leans in to whisper into your terrified ear. "Roommate has a dirty mouth, huh? Maybe we oughtta keep an eye on you two. No telling what kind of mischief you girls could get up to when the ropes aren't on. I could arrange for one of you to spend tonight cuffed. Which one, though?"<<else>><<if $dirtystory eq "yes">> Then it was story time, huh, brat? Oh yeah. Didn't you know we've got mics in all the cells? Roommate told her friend a real smoker. Must've really sucked to have your hands tied, huh?" She gives your cock a SQUEEEEZE through your shorts. Fuck! You nearly come right there, whimpering helplessly when she takes her hand away.\n\nGirlporker leans in to whisper into your terrified ear. "Your roommate didn't do solitary justice, sweetheart. But I have no doubt, the way you're behaving, that you'll get to find out for yourself soon enough."<<else>> Must have been frustrating to have your hands tied after that long hot tickle session, huh? Left you with an itch you wanted to scraaatch?" She gives your cock a SQUEEEEZE through your shorts. Fuck! You nearly come right there, whimpering helplessly when she takes her hand away.<<endif>><<endif>><<else>>"When Toelicker and I felt the bitch was properly acclimatized to her new life here, we left her with her roommate. Roomie seemed to have a great time watching the three of us play, by the way. <<if $gotfucked eq "yes">>Well, our girls had quite the getting-to-know-you session after we left, didn't you, babe? Yeah, I thought it might be fun to check out the security cameras. Just had an inkling, I guess. Glad I did, these two sluts gave me a real show."\n\nGirlporker lowers her voice. "Guess the game we played left you with something roomie had to help you with, huh?" She traces a slow fingertip up and down the hard shape in your shorts. It's agonizing. You plead into her eyes, but it's clear that the bitch is enjoying watching you suffer.<<else>><<if $jerkedoff eq "yes">> After we left, our girls had a little competiton. Didn't you? Who can dial zero the fastest? Oh yeah, I thought it might be fun to check out the security cameras. Good call. Got to see a couple of horny sluts get off hard. I've never seen hands move so fast."\n\nGirlporker lowers her voice. "Guess the game we played left you with an itch to scratch, huh?" She traces a slow fingertip up and down the hard shape in your shorts. It's agonizing. You plead into her eyes, but it's clear that the bitch is enjoying watching you suffer.\n<<else>><<if $dirtystory eq "yes">> Guess she felt she wanted to give back. So our girls had story time. Oh yeah. Didn't you know we've got mics and cameras in all the cells? Roommate told her friend a real smoker. Must've been, cause by the end the two sluts were fucking their hands so hard I was worried the sprinkler was gonna go off."\n\nGirlporker lowers her voice. "Did you think of me, sweetheart? I signed up for extra shifts in solitary this week. Be fun if we ran into each other, huh?" She traces a slow fingertip up and down the hard shape in your shorts. It's agonizing. You plead into her eyes, but it's clear that the bitch is enjoying watching you suffer.<<else>> That girl sure is nosy, huh?"\n\nGirlporker lowers her voice. "Maybe we could arrange things so you get to watch her next time. I can't guarantee you won't be tied, though. I have to admit I'm starting to really like the way you look in ropes." You can only whimper at her.<<endif>><<endif>><<endif>><<endif>>\n\nThe jury foreman speaks. "Your recommendation on sentencing, Officer?"\n\n<<silently>>\n<<if $dirtystory eq "yes">><<set $dirty = "yes">><<endif>>\n<<if $teased eq "yes">><<set $dirty = "yes">><<endif>>\n<<if $gotfucked eq "yes">><<set $dirty = "yes">><<endif>>\n\n<<endsilently>><<if $punished eq "yes">><<if $dirty eq "yes">>"She's a brat, but she's a dirty brat. If you want to see a horny little slut totally lose her composure, this girl will give you no shortage of reasons to punish her. Keep the bitch. In ropes."<<else>>"She's a brat. But brats are fun to break in. This one might take a while, so you'd better make sure you keep her a while."<<endif>><<else>><<if $disobeyed eq "no">><<if $dirty eq "yes">>"This submissive tickle slut? She's a fucking keeper. Yeah, keep 'er on the floor where she can clean your boots while she waits for you to tickle her."<<else>>"This girl thinks playing it straight is gonna keep her out of trouble. No, bitch. You are now in Trouble Central. Let's make her a permanent resident. I want to hear her beg to be tickled."<<endif>><<else>><<if $dirty eq "yes">>"This tickle slut? Her attitude needs adjusting, but we've got the necessary tools right here." She holds up her hands, and you cringe involuntarily. "Keep this one where I can find her."<<else>>"This little brat? Her attitude needs adjusting, but we've got the necessary tools right here." She holds up her hands, and you cringe involuntarily. "It'd be a crime to send her out onto the streets before we've made a model citizen of her."<<endif>><<endif>><<endif>>\n\n"Thank you, Officer. You may leave while the jury deliberates."\n\nOfficer Girlporker gives your drool-covered gag a long, slow lick, looking into your eyes the whole time. God. Your hard-on clings to her thigh like she knows it's about to be taken away from her. "See you around, tickle bitch," Girlporker whispers into your ear. And then she leaves, leaves you hot and frustrated and tied to a chair.\n\nYou sit drooling in the spotlight while the jury "deliberates." You can hear moans, and low evil laughter like something out of a Disney cartoon of hell. You can feel their eyes on you, and you wonder if they're just deliberating about who gets you first. Then, finally, the foreman quiets the others down.\n\n"We've reached a verdict," she says.\n\n*[[SENTENCE!|22-verdict]]
<<set $disobeyed = "yes">>"Come on, be a pal!" says one cop.\n\n"If you don't get over here," says the other, "We're gonna huff and puff, and then we're going to blow this door down. And when we get in this cell, piglets, it's tickle time for you both."\n\nMarcy YEEPs, shaking her head frantically. "Please please please do what they say!"\n\n*[[NO!|14-lastchance]]\n*[[YES!|14-threatened]]
Marcy sighs in relief as you walk up to the bars and the leering cops behind them. "That wasn't so hard, huh?" You stare at them with the least terrified look you can muster. Yeah, you're tuff. You're brave. "Now, turn around."\n\n*[[NO!|15-trouble]]\n*[[YES!|15-hands]]
With shoves, prods, and the occasional hand razzing your side, the guard ushers you down the hall. You try not to meet the gaze of any cops you pass, leering at you from against the wall or behind a desk, afraid that if you tempt them they might grab you and play a while. You do have a court date, but you suspect the only real rule here is that of their libidos. You can hear begging and laughter, sometimes muffled and sometimes not, from cold rooms as you pass them. You jump when the guard prods your side, and all the watching cops laugh. "Anyone have dibs on the new girl tonight?" someone asks behind you.\n\nFinally you reach where you're going. "End of the line," the guard tells you with a smirk. She opens a door, and inside you see only darkness. Oh god. Oh god you don't want to go in there. But the guard's fingers are great motivators.\n\nThere's a long table in the room. You can barely make out the occupants - the only light in the room is a spotlight at the very center - but there seem to be five women behind the table, more or less in uniform. One of them has her legs up on it. You can't see their faces, but you can feel their eyes, all ten of them on you as the guard pushes you toward a chair in the middle of the spotlight.\n\n"This is a hearing," says one of the figures as the guard ties you to the chair. Arms behind your back and an ankle to each chair leg, keeping your legs spread. You don't need to look down to know you have a hard-on and that it's on display. Exhibit A. "This is a hearing to determine an appropriate sentence for a ticklish little slut." A gag is pulled into your mouth, a wooden dowel wrapped in leather. Your pathetic whimper doesn't make the court record.\n\nYou tremble in the cold light as the guard moves out of sight behind you. Testing your ropes gingerly - imagining their laughter if they thought you were actually trying to get loose - you think you sense tongues licking lips. But are you just imagining that too?\n\n"Send in the first witness," the jury orders. Oh shit. It's Max!\n\n"Hi, babe," she says with a wink, then sits in a chair near you, facing the jury.\n\nYou have a bad feeling, crawling on your skin like fingers. You wonder whether you should be a good girl and just watch, nibbling your gag. But this is your trial! Maybe you should try and make some noise?\n\n*[[NO!|19-watch]]\n*[[YES!|19-struggle]]
<<if $admittedliketickling eq "no">><<if $askedforjizz eq "yes">>"Once the little brat nibbles at the forbidden fruit, she's on a roll. Lie after lie out of this one's mouth. I hate being tickled! It doesn't get me hot! I didn't need a razor brain to see through this bitch's lies - before I leave the room she's begging me to fuck her!\n\n"You can look at me all you want with those pretty wet eyes and that pretty wet cock. I don't fuck liars."<<else>>"Once you catch a brat in her lie - and what this little bitch was is caught, trust me - she starts pouting. I hate being tickled! It doesn't get me hot! I can see right through you, brat. She was wearing nothing but straps, wasn't difficult. And what I saw was one hard, wet cock."\n\nGod, fuck these ropes! Exhibit A is smiling stupidly at all these girl-hungry jurors from between your legs, and there's nothing you can do to hide her!<<endif>>\n\n"So what do you do with a liar? Maybe you should keep the little brat gagged. Or just keep her laughing."\n\nThe woman who must be the foreman of the jury asks, "So you'd characterize the prisoner as...?"\n\n"A terrible liar, that's what. I think the bitch is counting on you seeing through her little lies. She must be, transparent as they are. If she tells you PLEASE DON'T TICKLE ME what she wants is to get tickled. If she tells you PLEASE NO MORE what she wants is MORE MORE MORE. If she tells you STOP it means she can still talk and you're not working her hard enough. On second thought, maybe you shouldn't gag her."<<else>>"Once I prove the little lady's lying - and I did, beyond a shadow of a doubt. You know how these fingers get the truth out of them - it all came out. I like being tickled, she told me! It was a regular confessional, she really bared her soul. Considering the way I had her tied, wasn't much to hide.\n\n<<if $askedforjizz eq "no">>"But then she says being tickled doesn't get her off! Don't want me to know what a wicked little jezebel you are, eh? Honesty is a higher virtue than chastity, little brat. I gave her a few hail marys to atone for her dishonesty. She was praying alright, by the time I was done with her. Beautiful, inspiring stuff. 'OH GOD! NOT THERE!' It moved me. Or it got those fingers moving, anyway. Bitch got delivered, it was a fucking miracle."\n\n"So how would you characterize the prisoner, Officer?" asks the jury foreman.\n\n"Here is a little slut at conflict. She can bring herself to say she likes being tickled, but not to say that it gets her off. Well, maybe she's confused, but given her track record, I think it's more likely she's lying. Well, to continue the church motif, there were some spanish priests in the fifteenth century who dealt with liars and heretics with racks and chains. We could certainly stand to borrow a page or two."<<else>>"But, god, she had to do the predictable thing and bring sex into my church metaphor. She tried to hide her wicked ways from me, but in the end she broke down and begged me to fuck her. Temptress, I am not going to hold your cock and skip with you down the path to sin. You know those penitent fuckers in the middle ages who would walk barefoot up a mountain to punish themselves for their sinful ways? Well, I think we should keep this girl's shoes off, if you know what I'm saying."\n\n"So how would you characterize the prisoner, Officer?" asks the jury foreman.\n\n"Oh, wicked little brat we've got here. She tells lies, she wants to fuck, she probably thinks she's a bad girl. If it wasn't for that gag she'd probably be chewing gum - with her mouth wide open, the bitch - and blowing bubbles. Needs to learn her lessons, and I'm sure there's plenty of ladies here who wouldn't mind seeing her in a school uniform."<<endif>><<endif>>
"Fine," Marcy says, and she almost manages to sound like she's not pouting. "First night in the kennel. I guess you wanna be left alone." First night in tickle jail. FIRST NIGHT! The thought flashes electric under your skin, through your toes, fingertips, cock. First night in the can! How many days until these sadists get bored of making you laugh? How many different ways to tie you up and make you scream can they come up with? God, Marcy's still here, isn't she?\n\nWait! The cop who interrogated you mentioned a trial, didn't she? They can't keep you locked up without a trial! You wonder if Marcy was tried and found guilty. Of what? Being too horny? If that's the case, this little prick in your lap is gonna send you down the river and over the falls, into the waiting hands of a legion of tickle cops.\n\nNow you want to ask her. But you can hear Marcy snoring quietly, and you're not enough of a sadist to wake her after what you've put her through. Your own body aches.\n\nThe ropes aren't too comfortable, but burnt out as you are, well, any bed in a storm. You close your eyes and chart a course to snoozeport before too long.\n\n*[[LATER...|17-tied]]
Marcy takes your rejection gracefully. You plop down on the empty cot and Marcy, god bless her, gets right back to business. How long has she been here, rented out to mean dykes whose fingers burn holes in their pockets if they don't find a ticklish girl to park them in? Shit, you're on the rotation now, you realize. Somewhere in this building, right now, a cop is looking at a chair and an empty set of straps and thinking of you.\n\nGod, you're fucking horny. Listening to your new roommate strum her favorite tune isn't helping. How many hours of stripped down tied up red hot cop tickling does it take to turn a girl into this kind of jerk-off monster? You're gonna find out, a traitor in your head whispers to you. Oh god, oh fuck. But that traitor's not done yet: maybe you're better off finding out sooner than later, she says. You slide your hand into your shorts and give your cock a little squeeze. She practically purrs in your hand.\n\nBANG BANG! Your hand flies out of your pants like your mom just walked in on you! Even Marcy jumps. Outside the cell, a couple of cops are rattling on the bars with a nightstick. Oh no, it's two of the mean dykes who brought you in. And they're looking at you like now they want to take you out again.\n\n<<display '12-order'>>
<<set $admittedliketickling = "yes">>"Yes."\n\nYour brain already giddy with tickles, you could easily say something like "god yes" or "yes please!" But strapped to the tickle chair with fingers in your pits all you can do is squeak like a ghost. Just saying yes, admitting you want to be tickled, sends electric blue terror through your tied body. Where the terror wave peaks, it becomes hard red desire.\n\n"<<if $admittedticklish eq "no">>You must be telling the truth. Girl like you's too smart to lie twice.<<else>>"You're not just telling Facesitter what she wants to hear, are you? Oh no, not with that look in your eyes. You're for real.<<endif>> If you like to be tickled, sweetheart, you have come to the right fucking place. We're going to quarter you up. Inside of a week you're gonna have NAMES written on you, ladies are gonna be staking out parts. Who wants to barbeque those ribs, who wants to roast your little piggies. Who wants to just go HOG-WILD in these pits." You let out a shriek even though her fingers haven't moved. "I suspect, tickle babe, that there're gonna be a whole lot of 'all of the aboves.' But don't worry. We'll just take shifts."\n\nOH GOD OH GOD OH GOD. Her fingers are still in your pits, silent as soldiers. Your brain's on fucking overload trying to guess when she's gonna break into tickle mode - now? Now? NOW?! You can hear yourself laughing again before she's even started. "I shouldn't count my chicks before they're plucked," says Facesitter. "Your sentence is for the jury to decide." Jury? Jury?! "But you're mine until you leave this room, and god do I want to tickle you."\n\nShe does. Between laughs you make noises that sound like "PLEASE" and "GOD" and "FUCK." And was that "MORE"? You greedy tickle brat. AHAHAHA NO! PLEASE DON'T STOP!! But you know she doesn't need YOU to tell her that. It's hard to hold a conversation when you're the only one talking, but you can see her amusement every time you manage a coherent word. The deeper her fingers dig, though, the more vocabulary you lose. Soon you're down to just "PLEASE," and it's pretty obvious the please is referring to your wet pink cock, flopping between your spread legs in a desperate attempt to make a connection.\n\nBut now it's her turn to laugh, at your stupid little moans and your dumb wet eyes. She's done with your pits and when you realize where she's going your stomach plunges into the basement like a falling elevator. OH, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!\n\nShe's got a trapped, naked foot in her hands, one set of fingers holding your toes back, the others lining up in a row on your sole. Oh god. Your toes try to curl, pushing hard against her warm, strong hand. You imagine ghost nails scrabbling on your foot. You're giggling already, drunk with tickle lust.\n\nHer eyes pin you down. "Next question, tickle toy. You get off on this, don't you?"\n\nAnd oh god, she expects you to ANSWER.\n\n*[[NO!|7-no]]\n*[[YES!|7-yes]]
<<display 'Start'>>
<<set $dirtystory = "yes">>"One time, Officer Spitroast - I'm one of her favorites, or maybe every girl in the place spends hours beneath her fingers - she was grilling me for a while. You can imagine, strapped down, bare as a confession, pussy leaking all over the place. It was hot as shit. 'Please let me come,' I begged her. 'Tickle my pussy. I'll give you anything.' But what the fuck could I offer her, right? I'll let you tickle me as much as you want? They already get that standard issue.\n\n"Well she got sick of listening to me. Most days she'd stuff a gag in my mouth and go about her business - god, that made me crazy, how nonchalant she could be about it - but not that day. That Fateful Day. She left her walkie talkie next to me and went to do some paperwork, or whatever it is pervert cops do when it's not my ticklish ass. 'Every peep I hear outta you,' she said, finger wagging in my face, and god I wanted to just lick it, the things that maniac does to me, 'every peep I hear, you're getting five minutes of solitary confinement.' And she left me there, naked and tied. I might have been more scared than I was horny, for once.\n\n"Well, Officer Bootstrap had been listening in the hall. The moment I saw her slink into the room, big girl-eating grin on her face, I knew I was fucked fucked fucked! Spitroast was gone for twenty minutes, but by the time she got back I'd earned two hours in solitary. Ugh. Maybe that doesn't sound so bad, but solitary confinement here means tickled non-stop. There's always someone on duty - they take fucking shifts, cops go in, cops go out, you stay. It's only the color of the fingers in your pits that's changed. Somewhere in this building, right now, some girl is strapped to the operating table, getting drilled into. And she still has an hour to go.\n\n"Shit. Shit. Maybe that wasn't a good story to tell when I can't reach my clit. Oh god, I want to come so bad." Your hard-on whimpers in sympathy, pressing so hard against your shorts that it hurts. You think about how long you're going to be here - how it's only a matter of time until you end up in solitary yourself. Shit. At least someone would be touching you.\n\nYou groan and try to push the thoughts from your overstimulated mind. But your overstimulated body is tired as shit, and you manage to fall asleep tied to your cot like a captured animal.\n\n*[[LATER...|17-tied]]
"Yes" is what you think, but "YES" is what comes out, in all caps.\n\nSince you've already betrayed your enthusiasm you press yourself against her so she can feel how hard your little cock is under your skirt. She growls her approval in your ear. "Let's get you back to my place. And into some tight-ass straps."\n\nShe marches you away from the club, fingers prodding your sides from behind to make you gasp and jump and hop along on your precarious girly heels. These charged little touches have already filled your lust registers to overload. You float around a corner on a giggle high. Then you're grabbed by strange hands.\n\nWHAMMO! You're up against a bare brick wall with a nightstick on your throat and three ladies in cop uniforms grinning at you like wolves, their hands greedily prowling your body. You make a noise like a caught animal: confused but smart enough to know she's in trouble. "Catch of the day, eh, Max?"\n\n"Dripping," your date says.\n\n"Your dreamboat here's an undercover cop," one of your new friends explains. "Bait for reeling in little pervs like you. We collect, you see." Is this for real? The look in her eyes - hard and hot as bullets - makes it real. Cop hands roam and squeeze your body. All these hands. All those fingers. Wait, they're not gonna - they're not going to TICKLE you, are they?\n\nThey all start laughing like they can feel that thought shudder through your body, feel the fear tremble beneath their itchy fingers. "Just to make sure we're on the same page as our new little friend here: she DID ask for it, right, Max?"\n\n"The straps, the tickles, the hypersensitized body begging for a fuck. Oh yeah." You make some stupid noise. You don't say "please stop." You don't say "please let me go." You definitely don't say "please don't tickle me," because no words could get you fucked harder right now. Instead you make some sound like "uh huh huh" as the cops close around you like a hungry cloud, sniffing and snapping their teeth.\n\n"So, bitch wants to be tickled. She better be REAL ticklish." Twenty hot little fingers - cause two hands have to hold that nightstick against your useless, uh huh huh-ing throat - dig in hard. Your belly. Your thighs. Your shoulders and neck. Your giggling sides. Tickle-hungry cops looking for tender meat to holster their itchy fingers in, they find plenty on you. You laugh for them with the veracity of a prisoner begging not to be dunked underwater, and pretty soon you're just straight-up begging. But whether you're begging them to stop or not to stop you can't tell, because you can't finish a sentence before their busy fingers work you back down into babbling, stupid laughter. You get dunked, alright, over and over again.\n\n"You were right, she DOES like it," says one of the prowling hands, having found its way up your skirt to discover your hard-on, and the feel of her fingers through the fabric of your panties makes you almost lose it. But she takes her hand away. "Oh no no no, little bitch. The night is young and we're taking you in." A click of cuffs snapping open makes you jump, your skin's buzzing so hard with the afterimages of their fingers. But they're not tickling you any more.\n\nThey're standing in a loose circle around you, the wall to your back. Their uniforms are stiff and clean, their faces cool and grinning. You're a wet smear on the bricks, a stain of sweat and tears and maybe pre-come. Max standing a little away, where she's been watching the proceedings with her arms crossed. "You gonna make us work for your ticklish ass?" asks one of the uniformed coppers, holding an opened pair of hand-cuffs toward you.\n\n"Or," she says, "are you gonna play it smart and come peacefully?"\n\n*[[NO!|3-resist]]\n*[[YES!|3-submit]]
"Tough girl like you, no no, of course not." She rests her fingertips on your bare belly and you nearly die and become the most ticklish ghost in hell, but she doesn't start tickling you yet. What she does is start moving them very very slowly very very lightly up and down your naked belly while she talks. Oh oh oh no.\n\n"Some girls just aren't ticklish. You can tie them down and rake their bods for days - that's what we do here, babe, did you know that? - and you won't get so much as a peep from them." Your mouth is clamped I'm-fucked tight as the featheriest whispers of her fingertips float up and down your belly. Don't make a sound, you meditate. Fists clenched, toes curled, you pray a silent prayer to the tickle god to let you not laugh for just one more minute. But you know there's only one thing the tickle god wants from you, bitch. "Not a laugh," your captor says, "not a cry for help, not a 'please.' Some girls give you nothing. Not an itty bitty peep." Her fingers graze, for the first time, the crease between your belly and crotch. And you SCREAM.\n\n"And some girls are just liars." You're busted. "Busted" on a few different levels: first, meaning "caught in a lie." Then, the criminal meaning, "busted" by a cop. But there's also the ludic meaning: in Blackjack, you try to get as close to 21 as possible without "busting," or going over. Well, you busted here big time, girl, and now Officer F. is seeing how far to lose-your-fucking-mind she can drill you before you bust again.\n\nYou sing for her, alright. More obvious lies, like "you've got to stop!" or half-truths like "you're going to kill me!" You would, anyway, if you could get the words out in between laughs. But it's just as well, cause she's not gonna fall for one of your little lies again. Her fingers are crawling up your sides and now you're sticking to what you know, like AHAHAHAHA SHIT. FUCK ME, NOT THERE! OHOHOHOHO NO. You're laughing for minutes before you realize she's stopped.\n\nAnd that JESUS CHRIST her fingers are poised over your armpits! You pay close fucking attention to her next words.\n\n"You lied to me, so you're obviously not a very bright little lady. That's why I want you to think really, really hard before you answer my next question. Think very hard." Her fingers twitch and you almost leap out of the straps. God, if only you could.\n\n"My friend Max told her you said that you liked being tickled. Is that true, sweetheart? Do you like this?"\n\n*[[NO!|6-no]]\n*[[YES!|6-yes]]
"We reeled in a marlin here, kids," Facesitter begins.\n\n<<if $admittedticklish eq "yes">>"Right off the bat, girl tells me she's ticklish. I got the slut strapped to the chair, stretched wide, stuck. My fingers just itching to pounce on some ticklish skin. And she tells me, yes. Yes ma'am, I'm ticklish. She ain't lying, either, let me tell you.\n\n<<if $admittedgetoff eq "yes">><<display '20-ticklish-getsoff'>><<else>><<display '20-ticklish-doesntgetoff'>><<endif>><<else>>"The bitch straight up lies about being ticklish. Can you believe that? Got her strapped to the torture chair, all her good spots a finger's wiggle away, and she tells me she's not ticklish. Well gee, bitch, I wonder how long you can keep up that lie.\n\n<<if $admittedgetoff eq "yes">><<display '20-notticklish-getsoff'>><<else>><<display '20-notticklish-doesntgetoff'>><<endif>><<endif>>\n\n"Thank you, Officer. The jury appreciates your thorough report. Let's see if our final witness concurs with your observations. Send in Officer Girlporker."\n\nOh no no no. The big grin who just walked into the room you recognize as the sadist who tickled you in your cell last night. You know she's gonna do everything in her power to make sure you stick around a long time. You feel it again, the strong instict to hop this chair right out of the room. Dare you try?\n\n*[[NO!|21-watch]]\n*[[YES!|21-struggle]]
<<set $struggling = $struggling + 1>><<display 'struggling'>>\n\n<<display '20-secondwitness'>>
"No problem," she says with a smile and a shrug. Every part of your tortured body groans, your hard-on throbbing with want despite your strength of will. Think about funerals, baby. Think about your own funeral, cause this is it.\n\n<<display '8-leftovers'>>
"No," you whimper.\n\n"Well, that means there's a liar in the room. The question now is whether it's the bitch in the chair or the dripping prick in her lap. Maybe I should tickle them both and see who breaks first." You gasp. Your little cock twitches her need. <<if $admittedliketickling eq "yes">>"No, you like being tickled, but you don't get off on it. That's what you said, right? I'll give you what you want."<<else>>"No, you're not into that. I'm just going to fucking tickle you instead!"<<endif>> OH JESUS CHRIST\n\nAre your feet ticklish? No, god, ticklish isn't the word. Sensitive? Sure, but not so much in the casual sense, like they're easily offended, as in the psychic sense. Digits wiggling anywhere in finger-length of your feet makes you giggle and squirm. Just the suggestion that someone's gonna play this little piggy sends invisible ants scampering across them. And if that makes you crazy, imagine what state you're gonna be in when this sadistic dyke, the one who's got you strapped to the fucking chair, imagine what it's gonna be when she takes your piggies to market. OH GOD OH GOD, you don't want to imagine! Thankfully, your captor doesn't force you to.\n\nOH PLEASE OH GOD NOT MY FUCKING FOOT! Oh yes, fucking your foot, while it squirms against her restraining hand like a body on a rack. Five red hot fingertips mark your sole up and down while you laugh and twist in the hotseat like an idiot, pulling at the straps and against her hand with every muscle in your body. STAY THE FUCK OUT OF MY TOES!! But the straps on your wrists hold, the straps on your ankle hold, and guess what? That hand holds your twisting foot flat while her fingers brand each of your piggies one by one. PROPERTY OF PERV JAIL. TICKLE ME TIL I DIE.\n\nYou think maybe you've died, and hell is just tiny devils prodding pitchforks between your toes forever, but you realize that not only are you alive but she might not even be tickling you anymore. Her fingers are hidden on the other side of your foot, crouched like hunters behind five terrified, wriggling toes. Not being able to see her fingers is almost as bad as her using them, because any second could be the second she starts tickling again. Trapped in a schrödinger's box of a tickle predicament, your body giggles helplessly, unsure of whether you're being tickled or not. She jerks her hand a few times, watching you jump and crumble into stupid laughter each time, but she doesn't touch you. God, just fucking touch me, please!\n\nAs if reading your mental transmission - verbal communication is out of the question - she moves her fingers away from your whimpering foot and toward your trembling hard-on. Reflexively, like a flower toward the sun, your hips lift towards her hand, but the straps keep her out of your reach.\n\n"Last question, girl, but this one's a big'un. And I want you to answer honestly." Her vicious fingers, they're inches from your prick. "Do you want to come?"\n\n*[[NO!|8-no]]\n*[[YES!|8-yes]]
You take a deep breath, lower your head, bite your lip, turn around. Marcy's watching you, sympathetic but nervous, like she's scared you're gonna give the cops another reason to punish her. Their smug laughter makes you tremble. They seem even bigger now that you can't see them. \n\nWhen they speak again, you wince. "Put your hands through the bars." Marcy's eyes watch to see what you'll do.\n\n*[[NO!|15-warning]]\n*[[YES!|15-cuffed]]
"But it gets better. <<if $admittedliketickling eq "no">>The slut tells me she hates being tickled. Understandable thing to say when my fingers are in your pits. It's torture, she says. It's torture, but it gets me hot."\n\nYou're blushing again, to exclamations from the jury, at least one of them a moan. It's even harder to make out the jury now that you're in the spotlight, but you're pretty sure the one with her legs on the table is jerking off.\n\n<<if $askedforjizz eq "yes">>"In fact," Facesitter says, leaning forward like she's gonna tell a secret, "the little pervert begged me to squeeze her cock til she popped."\n\nYou can feel your prick stir in your shorts like she recognizes her name. The jury's in an uproar over this latest bit of information. But finally the one who must be the foreman calls the court to order.<<endif>>\n\n"How would you characterize the prisoner, Officer?"\n\n"Bratty little tickle slut, no question. Thinks she's coy. Probably thinks she's cute. But a real insatiable little pervert. A fine addition to the stable, if you ask me. Get a harness on the bitch, cause everyone is gonna want to give her a ride."<<else>> This greedy little slut admits she likes being tickled - not only likes it, that it gets her off! Not that it takes a genius to figure that out. Bitch is laughing her head off and her pretty little cock is hard as my steely gaze and twice as wet."\n\nFuck! You try to wish away your hard-on but instead you imagine fifty red hot jury fingers taking turns with it while the others watch and laugh.\n\n<<if $askedforjizz eq "yes">>"Takes a real champion to admit you know what you want," Facesitter says. "This slut, she straight up tells me she wants me to jerk her off! What kind of cop would I be if I did, of course. But god it's fun to listen to them ask."<<endif>>\n\n"How would you characterize the prisoner?" asks who you guess must be the jury foreman.\n\n"Submissive tickle slut through and through. Fucking lives for it. We could keep this bitch in a cage for the rest of her life and the only hassle would be listening to her beg for more all the time. Probably thinks we'll get bored of it before she does. Little does she know, eh?"<<endif>>
<<set $struggling = $struggling + 1>><<if $struggling eq 1>>You start rocking your chair back and forth angrily. Girlporker solves that problem by skipping the witness chair and sitting on you instead, right in your lap, straddling you. Holy shit. Her face just inches from yours, her lips a tongue's length from your gagged, drooling mouth, your hard-on pressed hard to her thigh. Well, if her weight wasn't enough to stop you struggling, the sight of her hungry cat face has you quiet as a mouse.<<else>>You start shaking your seat again. The guard reaches down and starts tickling your side.\n\n"Oh, please," Girlporker says, "allow me." And she sits right down in your lap, straddling you. Her face inches from yours, her lips a tongue's length from your gagged, drooling mouth, your hard-on pressed hard to her thigh. And her fingertips, she's got them right up against the bare skin of your sides. "You gonna behave?" she asks. You make a sound halfway between a moan and a squeak. Good enough for her, but her fingers stay where they are while she gives her testimony.<<endif>>\n\n<<display '21-thirdwitness'>>
"Spread your legs. And for your own sake, stay very, very still." You stand blind and barefoot on the cold floor of an unfamiliar room as your skirt and then your top are yanked away and cut off you with switchblades. You're trying not to twitch, but spread and masked like this you keep imagining wiggling fingers stealing in to tickle you. It's all you can do to keep yourself rooted as girl-hungry cops slit your bra and panties with knives.\n\nNow you're bare but for the hood, no identity beyond the ticklishness of your naked parts. Invisible hands hustle you across the room, half pushing, half pulling, and half of them tickling. You stumble across the floor, scared of planting a bare foot on some sharp, unseen obstacle. They tug you into a padded chair. And then you're right where they want you. Your arms are pulled over your head and strapped to the back of the chair, your legs spread and strapped to some kind of gynecological stirrups. DEAD MEAT.\n\nWell, that's not entirely accurate: you're live, twitching, tickle meat, on display for all forty itching fingers in the room. Trembling, you listen for the sounds of your captors. What's that low, whining noise? Oh no, it's you! You try not to do anything that would tempt tickling fingers, to squirm in your seat or wiggle chilly toes. Only your boner didn't get the memo, twitching hard and dumb in your lap as though she weren't aware of all the fingers ready to pounce like hungry jackals. Or maybe all too well aware of them.\n\n"Fresh fish, huh?" The sound of a new voice makes you jump in your seat, which helps you to appreciate just how fully, perfectly, inescapably you're tied down. "I could smell her sweating on the other side of the building and I just followed my nose. She's sure got the flopping around part down, hasn't she?" You're already squirming like she's tickling you, like you can feel her eyes tracing every line of your tied body. Don't worry, whispers a horny little fairy from your subconscious in your hooded ear, she'll move on to fingers soon!\n\n"Leave us alone. The two of us, we're going to have a private conversation."\n\n"Aw, can't we stay and watch?"\n\n"Don't worry, you'll get another turn with her. All of you." You almost die when she says that. But no, any type of escape would be a hopeless, kidding-yourself fantasy. You're staying right here in the tickle chair while her fingers mark you like knives. "Look at you squirm." GOD SHE'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU NOW! "I haven't even laid a hand on you yet!"\n\nAAH!! You gasp as the hood is pulled off, and your blinking eyes manage to force their way through the blinding light to the shape of a big lady with a warm smile and cold eyes.\n\n"Hi, sweetheart," she says. "I'm Officer Facesitter, and I've got some questions for you. Real simple getting-to-know-you type stuff. I'm getting to know you because I can feel in my heart of hearts that you're gonna be hanging around for a while, and I think we should be friends. Friends," she continues, and there's a metal screech while she pulls over a stool like nails on a chalkboard or nails in an underarm, "friends don't lie to each other, do they?"\n\nYou answer her with silent trembling. She must already know you're guilty because you're sweating bullets, and so is the tip of your cock. "Now, I'm not saying you're planning on lying to old Facesitter. But sometimes girls can get shy or flustered or for whatever reason they don't wanna talk. I don't want to use a cliched old phrase like 'we have ways of making you talk.'" She holds her fingers up to your naked, sweating sides - not touching them yet - and your trembling turns into shaking. "The reason I don't want to use that phrase is because I don't want you to talk. I want you to sing."\n\nYou're fucked. You're fucked! You manage to stop shaking only because the tips of her fingers are so close that if you moved an inch you'd tickle yourself. "We'll start real easy," she tells the bitch on her plate.\n\n"Are you ticklish?"\n\n*[[NO!|5-no]]\n*[[YES!|5-yes]]
<<set $punished = "yes">>With a CLANG the door swings open, and before you can say "don't tickle me AGAIN!" cop hands are on you, wrestling you into your cots, roping you down like animals. You're stretched out in your beds, sacrifices on altars, handkerchiefs stuffed in your mouths, while fingers hover over you like they're deciding which plate on the table they want to sample first.\n\n"Would have brought my hula skirt if I knew we'd be roasting piggies," says one of the cops.\n\n"Oh, I'm always prepared to grill a few piggies," says her partner, pulling back Marcy's grubby little toes with one hand while the other crawls toward her sole. Marcy makes a string of muffled squeals - with the gag in her mouth, you can't tell whether she's begging not to be tickled or preemptively laughing at the fingertips that are about to take her dirty feet to the cleaners.\n\nBut you look away from Marcy, cause you've got pressing matters of your own. Like the fingertip pressing down on the tip of the boner in your shorts. <<if $resistedarrest eq "yes">>"Just like on the street, corner, tickle bitch, when I wrestled your hot little ass to the ground. You play the rebel cause you like it rough. Well, lucky for you, brat," she says - AH! - squeezing, "so do I."<<else>>"Which part of it gets you so hot? Is it acting up though you know you'll get punished? Is it the big mean officers tying you down? Or is it the knowledge that these fingers" - she squeezes your hard-on - "are going to be living in your fucking skin until lights out?" Oh god.<<endif>>\n\nThe next hour sucks - or is it two hours? Three? Time slows to a crawl, to the ten vicious fingertips crawling across your body. NN!! MMPH!! MMMPTH!! With this wonderful linguistic invention, this back-pocket handkerchief stuffed in your mouth, you finally have a vocabulary that matches how you feel, laughing your stupid head off while she digs into your belly, your sides, your thighs, pulling at the ropes like she's torturing you with hot irons instead of fingers in your armpits, babbling hot tears while she holds back your big toes and rakes your screaming feet. What would you say anyway? "Don't tickle me, no, not there! Oh jesus, I can't take any more!" It's not like you're gonna convince her to stop when she's got your hot little body humming beneath her fingertips.\n\nAfter an eternity, through a haze of tears and giggling into the soaked rag in your mouth, you hear a faraway voice say something that sounds like, "You know what'd really go with these nice smooth tummies? //Raspberries//." Cold fear planks you as your roommate screams. You'd never thought farting lips on your belly could awaken such mind-flattening terror as they do here, in this crazy jail, in this cold cell, tied in this sweat-soaked bed while lips descend toward your helpless, trembling belly. This is going to be the worst thing in the world, thinks the part of your brain that has become, by process of elimination, the logic part. And it is.\n\nThe lights go out. OH GOD DON'T LET THEM TICKLE ME IN THE DARK. The only thought your laugh-drunk brain can scream is PLEASE, OH PLEASE DON'T LET THEM TICKLE ME IN THE DARK. But they just laugh and climb off you. "Phew," they grin at each other. "Fuckin workout." Before she leaves, your playmate pushes on your hard little bone again, and it's like one of those movies where the car is balanced precariously on the edge of a cliff, and just a little weight is all that's needed to send it into freefall. That's what she's pushing on. "See you tomorrow, sweetheart." And then she lets go, right there at the tipping point, and your boner settles back to the precipice with a groan.\n\nAfter the door shuts, with a CLANG that makes all your burnt nerves jump, you and your roommate lie in the dark, red and aching. They left you tied to your cots, but at least they peeled the wet gags from your mouths. You can hear Marcy whimper in the other bed.\n\n"Shit!" she hisses. "I'm so fucking horny! Fuck! Fuuuuck!" Your prick is wetting the fabric of your shorts. "God! Listening to you get tickled was really hot. You're hard, aren't you? God, I would love to - if we were untied? Do you think that - do you think you'd let me touch you? Let me help you get off?"\n\n*[[NO!|16-no]]\n*[[YES!|16-yes]]
You pull your cock out of your panties and she makes herself nice and cozy in your hand. You give her a little stroke: warm fuzzies, filling your tortured body like air in a balloon. God, finally. Stroking yourself, you play back images from the day on your mental projector: the look in Officer Facesitter's eyes when she asked if you were ticklish, the sight of Max watching while her friends pinned you to the wall, standing hooded and blind, later, while they prepared to strip you. Well, that last one's more of a feeling than an image, the sensation of cold, scratchy concrete beneath your feet, the presence of your captors in the darkness.\n\nJust one evening - god, has it really only been that long? - has given you such an extensive archive of jerk-off material. Oh god, what if this is just the beginning? What if they decide to keep you? The thought fills you with terror and excitement and your hand starts moving faster and faster, your cock starting to buzz in your hand like a hitachi.\n\nYou try to keep quiet, or maybe you just think you're being quiet, but soon you hear a moan from the other cot. You stop. "Oh god," Marcy apologizes. "Watching them tickle you was so fucking hot. I couldn't, you know, I couldn't pass up that kind of opportunity. Are you playing with yourself? Maybe I can, uh make it up to you? Can I help?"\n\n*[[NO!|17-offer]]\n*[[YES!|17-fuck]]
<<set $jerkedoff = "yes">>Your roommate is noticably disappointed, but she rolls over without complaint. God, "roommate." Does that make you a resident now? The cock in your hand confiscated, police property. Slap the cuffs on it, dust it for fingerprints. Your prick is dripping wet, ready to squirt at any time. But you're not done yet, no ma'am, you've had to wait for far too long.\n\nNow you can definitely hear Marcy playing with herself too. She's not trying to hide it. And you don't stop either, you don't worry about making noise, you just keep doing what you're doing. And what you're doing is thinking about what that officer said when she let you go - about having Marcy return the favor. You imagine the girl strapped and gagged, helpless and bare, her wet eyes pleading at you as cop fingers crawl toward her belly, her thighs, her wiggling toes. You just lay back and watch, playing with yourself. Let the slut laugh.\n\nThis scenario only needs one thing to make it realistic, some criminal voice in your mind interjects. And that's you tied to a chair, hard-on out of reach while you're forced to watch them tickle her. Oh god, that's it! You come right there, a warm current switched on inside you and feeding into the cool night haze. Warmth burns out of you like you're shedding a ghost, and you squirt on the floor, on the cot too, probably. You can feel your juice cooling on your hand. You just rub it on the mattress. Fuck it.\n\nYou let the slow river float you to the shores of slumberland.\n\n*[[LATER...|17-untied]]
<<set $fuckedroommate = "yes">>She moans, a little animal growl, and leans back, spreading her legs more for you. Her pussy is a bright wet pink, pink and shiny like a Lisa Frank trapper keeper, the kind of pink you almost never get to glimpse in the wild. And wet, god, this is the wettest pussy you've ever seen.\n\n"Get your fingers in here please," she moans.\n\n"Or, or. Maybe, if you want, you could use your tongue instead?"\n\n*[[NO!|11-fingers]]\n*[[YES!|11-tongue]]
<<if $struggling eq 1>>You start rocking your chair back and forth. Hands press down on the back of your chair, holding it in place - it's the guard who brought you. She looms over you as the witness gives her testimony.<<else>>You start shaking your seat again. The guard nonchalantly reaches down and starts tickling your side. The jury doesn't seem perturbed by this interruption of court. They're content to watch you squirm in your seat, tossing drool and whimpering into your gag, as itchy fingers burrow into your skin. They let it go on for minutes, what a show! Finally the guard stops and you sulk in your seat as the witness proceeds.<<endif>>
You're awakened by fingers in your side. You almost leap off your fucking cot. "Rise and shine, sweetheart." Your eyes peel open on a guard you've never seen before. She grabs for your side again, and you quickly swing to your feet with a tortured cackle. She pulls your arms behind your back and cuffs you. And then she says, "time for breakfast."\n\nShe holds a paper cup to your lips. You manage to spill water on yourself despite your best efforts, but whatever. It's the most delicious water your dry throat has ever tasted. The guard chuckles. You glare at her and she stuffs a granola bar in your mouth. You chew your way through it, as slowly as you think she'll let you, keeping wary eyes on her tickling fingers.\n\nNow that breakfast's over, she yanks you to your feet. "Up and at'em, champ." The noise seems to have woken Marcy, who's stirring in her cot. "It's your roomie's special day," the guard tells her. "It's her trial. Today we find out how long you two stay together." Marcy shivers but makes a noise you interpret to mean "good luck."\n\n"And you, little lady, better clean yourself up. I think Spitroast's got you at least until noon." You watch all the color vanish from Marcy's skin. Probably to her labia. She's already starting to twitch like she can feel fingers on her. The guard gives you a shove toward the cell door and you forget Marcy and start walking.\n\n<<display '18-trial'>>
You're awoken by fucking claws on the soles of your feet! You thrash mindlessly like a beached, ticklish fish. It's a few minutes before you realize that the reason you can't get away is that you're still tied to your cot. Your wrists and ankles are burning by the time the tickling stops. "Morning, sunshine," says the guard standing over you, one you havn't seen before. "Your trial's today."\n\nShe holds a paper cup to your lips, and lifts your head a little to help you drink it. Your dry throat has never tasted a more delicious cup of lukewarm water in your life. You drink a little too fast, sputtering water all over yourself. The cop laughs. She still hasn't untied you, the bitch. You look at her, but you don't turn your glare up past 50%, half because you don't have the energy yet and half because your feet still itch from her fingers, and you don't want to provoke her to tickle you again. She stuffs a granola bar into your mouth, and you nibble your way through it.\n\nNow that breakfast's over you finally get untied. You have a whole few seconds of freedom before your wrists are behind your back again, cuffed with metal. You can hear Marcy stirring, still tied in her cot. "Roomie's special day," the guard greets her. "Time to find out how long you stay together."\n\nMarcy makes a little noise at you that you read as "good luck." Then you're yanked to your feet, and a firm hand on your shoulder pushes you toward the door. You stumble but start walking, your limbs still a little stiff. You pass a second, grinning guard on your way out of the cell, and the sound of pleading and then forced laughter moments later tells you that Marcy's not getting untied just yet. Uh oh, your boner's back.\n\n<<display '18-trial'>>
<<set $resistedarrest = "yes">>Your eyes dart like an animal from one cop to another, settling on a pair of gleaming hand-cuffs waiting for your wrists. You bolt for the street. You don't have to worry about tripping on your heels because a cop leg takes care of that. You hit the concrete hard, and before you can apologize to it there's a cop on your back. She's pinning your arms. You're not getting out of this one, sweetheart.\n\n"Some girls like it better rough," she whispers as the hand-cuffs CLICK on your wrists. You're sweating like a pig underneath her. Soon you're gonna be tied like one. "I know I do." A hard hand squeezes your thigh. If it were only a few inches higher, your stupid boner deludes you into thinking. "I'll make a note in your file about how to handle you. You'll be handled a lot where you're going, tickle bitch." Another set of cuffs click shut on your ankles. No more running for you.\n\nMMPH! A thick black hood is pulled over your head. You plunge terrified into free-fall as cop arms lift you like a ticklish parcel and bundle you into a car. You're spread, blind and helpless, across three chuckling laps - you're reminded of village sacrifices where every member of the community gets a cut of the meat. As the car jolts awake with a screaming siren and drives off to tickle city, the fingers on your feet start unlacing your shoes.\n\n*[[LATER...|4-interrogation]]
<<set $askedforjizz = "yes">><<if $admittedgetoff eq "no">>"So you do get off on being tickled, then. Well, not today, little liar."<<else>><<if $admittedticklish eq "no">>"Tickling gets you pretty hot, for a girl who isn't ticklish. Sorry, sweetheart, liars don't get to come."<<else>>"Yeah, you do. I like a girl who can tells the truth."<<endif>><<endif>> She withdraws her hand, and you sob a sob of sincere betrayal as you realize she's not going to touch your tortured, hungry cock. Your hard-on throbs red-hot with need.\n\n<<display '8-leftovers'>>
<<silently>>\n<<if $resistedarrest eq "yes">><<set $brat = $brat + 1>><<else>><<set $submissive = $submissive + 1>><<endif>>\n\n<<if $admittedticklish eq "no">><<set $brat = $brat + 1>><<else>><<set $submissive = $submissive + 1>><<endif>>\n<<if $admittedgetoff eq "yes">><<set $slut = $slut + 1>><<endif>>\n<<if $askedforjizz eq "yes">><<set $slut = $slut + 1>><<endif>>\n\n<<if $fuckedroommate eq "yes">><<set $slut = $slut + 2>><<endif>>\n<<if $punished eq "yes">><<set $brat = $brat + 1>><<endif>>\n<<if $disobeyed eq "yes">><<set $brat = $brat + 1>><<else>><<set $submissive = $submissive + 2>><<endif>>\n\n<<if $jerkedoff eq "yes">><<set $slut = $slut + 1>><<endif>>\n<<if $dirtystory eq "yes">><<set $slut = $slut + 1>><<endif>>\n<<if $teased eq "yes">><<set $slut = $slut + 1>><<endif>>\n<<if $gotfucked eq "yes">><<set $slut = $slut + 2>><<endif>>\n\n<<if $struggling eq 3>><<set $brat = $brat + 2>><<endif>>\n<<if $struggling eq 0>><<set $submissive = $submissive + 2>><<endif>>\n\n<<set $verdict = "submissive">>\n<<if $brat gte $submissive>><<set $verdict = "brat">>\n<<if $slut gte $brat>><<set $verdict = "slut">><<endif>>\n<<else>>\n<<if $slut gte $submissive>><<set $verdict = "slut">><<endif>><<endif>>\n<<endsilently>><<if $verdict eq "slut">>"The jury finds the prisoner ''GUILTY'' of being a greedy little tickle slut. <<else>><<if $verdict eq "brat">>"The jury finds the prisoner ''GUILTY'' of being a difficult little tickle brat. <<else>>"The jury finds the prisoner ''GUILTY'' of being a submissive little tickle bitch. <<endif>><<endif>> She is hereby sentenced to six months in tickle jail with no possibility of parole."\n\nOh god oh god oh god. You babble uselessly into your gag, tugging at the ropes in disbelief. <<if $dirtystory eq "yes">> Then guard puts her hand on your shoulder.\n\n"Starting with two hours of solitary confinement," the foreman adds, grinning.<<else>>\n\nThe members of the jury stand, slowly rounding the table. You see their fingers enter the circle of light before anything else, before their hungry grins or possessive eyes.\n\n"You may go," the foreman says. To the guard, of course, not to you. You're pretty sure you're not going anywhere for a while.<<endif>>\n\n*[[THE END|Restart]]
"Last chance," the cops warn. "If you're not over here by the time it takes to put this key in the lock, you're both laughing til lights out."\n\n"Oh god. Please do it. Please please do it! Please, they're gonna tickle us!" Marcy's preemptively tucking her feet underneath her and tugging her scanty uniform to cover as many tickle spots as possible.\n\n*[[NO!|15-punished]]\n*[[YES!|14-threatened]]
<<set $disobeyed = "yes">>You're not stupid! You pull your hands away and turn to face the officers. "Alright, we'll give you a choice, tickle bitch. Choice number one, you turn around and put your hands through these bars. Choice number two, we come in there." Marcy's eyes are widening.\n\n"If we come in there, guess what we find? TWO bitches, two little bitches who are both gonna be laughing til lights out." Marcy shrieks.\n\n"Oh no no no no no!" Marcy's trying to bury her toes in the cot, to hide them. Her arms are wrapped around her sides. "Please, please just do what they ask!" she begs you.\n\n*[[NO!|15-punished]]\n*[[YES!|15-cuffed]]
Pinned by the laser sights of eight sniper eyeballs, you tremble against the wall, ringed by grinning cops who can't wait to sink their teeth and fingers into you again. But what's really rooted you to the spot is your own hard need, that stiff little boner hidden in your skirt. Your heart beating oh-god oh-god, you lower your head and put your hands together in front of you.\n\n"Close but no cigar." One of the cops flips you around and pulls your arms behind your back. Click! And then you're wearing metal like a pet. "Here's a little slut," her voice crawls in your ear, "who knows exactly what she wants. And you're gonna get plenty of it where you're going, girl. You've got that mental image of prisoners hammering rocks in penitentiary yards. Well, you're gonna do hard time in the tickle mines, bitch. Stripes, shackles and busy little fingertips. That's where you're going."\n\nMMPH! They pull a hood over your head and the world goes black. You can breathe, but you can't see, and you can't communicate with your captors beyond scared whimpers and terrified moans. You can hear, though. "Move." They walk you blind and frightened through the street, teetering on your heels, stumbling at every shove. Eventually hands take your bound arms and help you down into the backseat of a car. "Help" being a misleading term, cause once that car door slams you're done for. Tickle prisoner.\n\nBlind in the backseat, a cop sits on either side of you. They belt you in tight, hot breath on your neck. They each grab an ankle and lift a leg, spreading you wide. You can feel your hard-on twitch at the approving noise of a front-seat passenger. As the car roars awake, sirens screaming, to cart you off to tickle town, the officers holding your feet start unlacing your shoes.\n\n*[[LATER...|4-interrogation]]
<<set $teased = "yes">>"I would love to touch your cock. Tug your panties down until it just peeked out and said hello. I would say hello to that pretty little cock. I bet it's pretty, god, you're fucking pretty. God! I bet it would feel so soft wrapped up in my hand." Squirming at her words, you perform an involuntary check of the tightness of your ropes. Still 100%. You groan in frustration.\n\n"You wouldn't need to be untied," Marcy says. "Ah, maybe you'd even like it better that way, yeah? If i just got right on top of you, tugged down your stupid striped shorts. Stroked your bone through your panties and made you tell me how much you wanted to come." God, God, you keep checking and everytime you're still fucking tied up! Roomie's moaning as she talks, encouraged by your grunting and moaning and twisting in the ropes. "I'd lick it if you wanted. Right through your panties. Bend down and lick the head of your little prick. Over and over."\n\nYou can see her there, the darkness makes it all too easy to queue up a mental image of Marcy's smiling face staring you in the eyes while she tongues your hot little cock. Her fingers curling around the shaft, her other hand teasing your balls, her weight on your body, holding you down. God! You want to squirt right in her pretty face while she smiles at you, her eyes hard with lust. Tied up, tied down, whatever, you just want to come!\n\nYou can hear Marcy moan in the dark, your two tied, writhing bodies a sound chamber of frustration, an echo bouncing back and forth until it finally peters into the darkness. You whimper at her, pathetic in your need. "They can't keep us tied up all the time," Marcy says. Can they?\n\nWith that thought in your head, you turn your efforts to sleep. Not the comfiest bed you've ever spent a night tied to, but your body's exhausted from the evening's workout. You find your way to sleep before too long.\n\n*[[LATER...|17-tied]]
<<if $admittedliketickling eq "no">>"But then the bitch tells me she hates being tickled. I mean, a salmon could tell a bear it doesn't want to get eaten. Excuse me, I'm delicious, but would you please not eat me. It wouldn't stop a bear, and it doesn't stop the bitch getting tickled. Then she tells me it doesn't get her off. Well, it sure doesn't stop her cock from getting hard. <<if $askedforjizz eq "yes">> And it didn't stop her from asking me to grab that little cock and get her off. Bitch should have learned a lesson by now, of course. Just wanting it doesn't make it so, slut."\n\nThe woman who must be the jury foreman speaks up. "How would you characterize the prisoner, Officer?"\n\n"A regular blushing violet. Shy, or at least that's the way she likes to play it. This special little flower would never admit she gets off on something so twisted. But she does, hard. Put a leash on her prick and she'll follow you barefoot into tickle hell."<<else>> Pretty cock too. Bet she's real ticklish there."\n\nIf you make a noise your gag thankfully muffles it.\n\nThe woman who must be the jury foreman speaks up. "How would you characterize the prisoner, Officer?"\n\n"In denial, or maybe she thinks she's playing coy. But her prick knows exactly what it wants. You can see it right now, pushing at those shorts. Maybe it wants to testify. You can guess what it'd say."<<endif>><<else>>"The bitch tells me that not only is she ticklish, but she likes being tickled. Yum. But she blushes when I ask if it gets her off. <<if $askedforjizz eq "yes">> Sure enough, a minute later - well, maybe it was more like ten or twenty. Hard to keep track of time when you're giving a bitch the works, right? - she's begging for me to play with her cock. Maybe I found the right spot, huh? Or maybe she just hadn't had enough yet."\n\nShe turns and looks at you for the first time since she started talking. You jump in your chair, in your ropes, as if she'd tickled you. You wish you could cover your belly, your thighs, your stiff little hard-on, but the ropes don't make bargains.\n\n"Course, I didn't. You're not gonna lie to me and then think you're gonna get a fuck out of it. Girl needs to learn the value of honesty. We got a lot of fingers here that can be very instructional."\n\nThe woman who must be the jury foreman speaks up. "How would you characterize the prisoner, Officer?"\n\n"She wants it, bad. But she doesn't want to admit she wants it. In fact, what I think she wants is to be MADE to admit it. What gets this bitch off is being forced to admit what a horny little tickle slut she is. She wants to be broken in. I think we should house-train her. Set down some newspaper and tickle her til she pees."<<else>> Of course you don't. Your cock's hard because you're thinking of Harlequin romance novels. You like being tickled but it has nothing to do with the stiff little prick in your lap, drooling like Robinson Crusoe at a luau. Bitch, I can do math. One plus one.\n\n"And you can do it too. I had you in that chair for, what? An hour at the most. Twenty-four hours in a day. Seven days in a week. Four weeks in a month. How many months you think your sentence is gonna be? How much time are you gonna spend in my chair?"\n\nFuck, you're trembling! Being tied to a chair with tickle pervs leering at you is a situation you find all too easy to relate to right now!\n\n"How would you characterize the prisoner, Officer?"\n\n"Tickle slut in denial. She can admit she likes being tickled but when it comes to getting off it's all 'tee-hee. Why I'd never.' But she does. And she will. All she needs is time, and we've got plenty of that we can give the bitch, don't we?"<<endif>><<endif>>
Trying not to show fear in front of your predators, trying not to think about how you're gonna kick yourself for this later - providing you're lucky enough to have your leg untied, that is - you turn your back on the officers. Marcy makes I'm sorry faces at you. But it's the faces you can't see that you're worried about. You imagine them, licking their lips as they look you up and down.\n\nFeet flat. Arms at your sides. Don't let them see your back tremble. You take a deep breath.\n\n"Put your hands through the bars."\n\n*[[NO!|16-doomed]] \n*[[YES!|15-cuffed]]
<<display '19-firstwitness'>>
PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT. What kind of pervert gets off on being tickled? Bitch didn't need to wiggle her fingers to make you laugh your head off. You shove her away with a sneer. The thought of surrendering your skin to someone's knowing, ravenous fingers, of being taken apart piece by piece, forced to laugh, to beg, to plead for a desperate fuck, by something as innocuous as ten little fingertips, well, it does absolutely nothing for you.\n\nYour date shrugs and glides back into the club, probably to find some pervy girl who will plead through laughter to be allowed to hump her leg. Boring.\n\nYou've had enough for tonight. You slip off your heels and walk the few blocks back to your place barefoot. On the way you notice a cop car bolt past in a red and blue streak, sirens hot. When you finally get home you spend a long, slow evening getting yourself off to the thought of being tied up, blindfolded, and forced to eat really spicy vegetables.\n\n*[[THE END|Restart]]
//DEBUG//\nbrat = <<print $brat>>\nslut = <<print $slut>>\nsubmissive = <<print $submissive>>\nverdict = <<print $verdict>>
by anna anthropy
<<set $watchedroommate = "yes">>She licks her lips in your direction, then gets right back into the very important business of getting herself off, off, all the way off. You slide down into the other cot and watch. Her hand is a blur on her clit, you almost feel like if you got anywhere close to it you'd melt. She's not looking at you, she's looking at some deep, inward place, some secret slideshow, maybe from just hours ago, spread on a table while cop fingers worked her tickle spots. But you can feel that even your limited participation, your watching eyes, are contributing something to her lemming race to orgasm. Shit, maybe it's you she's got spread on that table, while the fingers that know her body so well already get accquainted with yours. Your hard-on pushes against your panties like she senses a kindred spirit.\n\nIn another time, a cozier bedroom, this hot little slut would pay you more attention, would look you in the eyes while she played with herself, would lick her lips, would flirt, would ask you to tell her how much you wanted to see her get off. This cell is far away from that. How long have they been keeping her here, carting her to and from tickle torture like a horny little package? What makes a lady this frustrated, this desperate? Is this going to be you in a week? A month? How long are they going to keep you here?\n\nBANG BANG! You jump! Marcy's jerked out of concentration with a little yelp. Outside the cell are a couple of cops, rattling on the bars with a nightstick. Fuck, it's two of the cruel dykes who brought you in. They're looking at you like they expected to to arrive at the cafeteria but found something they want on their tray nevertheless.\n\n<<display '12-order'>>
You close your eyes and put your hands behind your back, through the bars. And there it is: the CLICK of handcuffs. Hahahaha shit. You glance at Marcy and she tries to look encouraging, but it's hard to look encouraging with both hands covering her mouth in horror.\n\nThen there's a fucking cord around your neck! They pull it so tight you can't breathe, your arms and back against the cold metal bars. You choke but you can't turn around and make eye contact to plead with them. But - GASP! - they finally loosen the cord, just a little bit. Enough for air to get through. They tie it to the bar behind you: if you move very much at all, it'll choke you. Shit. You gulp, and it almost doesn't fit down your throat.\n\n"I get her first," says a voice sharp with intent, and you can feel her behind you on the other side of the bars, smelling your hair or your sweat or your fear, whichever gets her the hottest. You jump when you feel the hand on your belly - ACK! Fuck this cord! - sliding towards your top. As her fingers - nimble, cruel, girl-dismantling tools - unpick the buttons on your top one by one, you curse your body because you can't make it stop trembling, and you can't stop those fingers from feeling you tremble. "Cootchie cootchie coo."\n\nLong spider fingers tracing your belly, gently, slowly, your belly that has never felt more bare or vulnerable than it does now. You bite down. The second even a SQUEAK squeezes free of your lips, now clamped down tight, it's over, you're hers. But this bitch has all the time in the world - you're not going anywhere, tickle toy. "Gonna laugh for me?" she coos almost gently in your ear as her fingertips draw across your belly whisker-light. Oh please, please please please don't let me laugh. You nearly choke yourself, you're twitching so hard trying to keep it down. Oh god, I'm gonna die. If I laugh this bitch is gonna kill me.\n\nThat's when you notice Marcy has her hand in her shorts again, playing with herself while she watches this cop rake her claws across your belly. She sees you catch her and moans, blushing hot red, and you become aware of how hard you are again. And that's when it finally slips out, a shrill little squeal that grows into hard loud laughter like a falling woman's scream as she approaches the earth. Once your mouth is open, you're never getting it closed again.\n\nAnd you were absolutely right: you're dead. The second she hears you laugh all ten fingers are in your sides, climbing your ribs. AHAHAHA SHIT!! You choke yourself like an idiot, over and over again, trying to get away from fingers that are on you tighter than those skimpy prison rags and will probably stay on for far longer.\n\n"Don't keep her all to yourself," the second officer says, grabbing one of your legs - not easy, the way you're flailing, but she's a professional - and lifting it off the ground. She cuffs your ankle to a cross-bar so your foot, naked, dirty, ticklish as a scream, hangs just at finger height. While the first cop parks five fingers in your armpit and the other five in your thigh - easy squeezy when they've got you balanced on one leg like this - the second introduces all ten of her fingers to your jailbird foot. FUUUCK NONONO!! And boy do you sing for them, hopping around on your one free foot. Occasionally yanking your throat against the cord.\n\nMarcy strums her clit while you suffer. Sometimes your boner rubs the back of a hand as it prowls your thigh, but that's all you get. That and more tickling. By the time the lights finally go dark - a terrifying, heart-stopping murder mystery moment - Marcy's come not once but a few times at your expense.\n\n"Maybe she'll repay the favor some day," one of the officers chuckles as they finally uncuff you. Lights out, thank god. When the cuffs and the cord are taken away you almost fall to the floor like a marionette whose strings are cut, but you manage to keep your feet. "See you tomorrow, sweetheart." A finger pinches the back of your thigh and you yelp and jump. They laugh away down the hall. You stagger across the room and fall into your cot. Marcy seems unable to meet your eyes.\n\nYou lie in the dark, listening to your hard-on whine from between your legs. You glance over at Marcy, who's turned away from you. Is she asleep? Maybe you ought to take a page from her. Your cock is practically begging for your touch.\n\n*[[NO!|16-sleep]]\n*[[YES!|16-jerkoff]]
She tries not to sound disappointed. But then: "Well, um. What if I just told you a story?" she offers. She really wants to be a part of this, of you getting off. To somehow be an accomplice to the heist.\n\n*[[NO!|18-alone]]\n*[[YES!|18-story]]